Monday, 13 January 2014

New In: Weekly Makeup Storage

Last weekend, a peruse through the aisle of Action (the Dutch equivalent of Mydin or Target), I found a very unlikely suspect. Being a Virgo, I am an organizational freak. Currently, my organization situation is nowhere near admirable of a Virgo. And, you know how sometimes they have some random stuffs and I was really shocked to find that they have some makeup organizational things. 

I have been looking for more makeup organization especially ones that I can store my daily and weekly makeup items. That way I can rotate my makeup to what I want to wear that week. And this is just made for that purpose. It comes with a big square compartment to place eyeshadows, powder, highlighter, blushes and bronzer. It also comes with 7 lipstick compartments and1 bigger slot to store a foundation, concealer and eye pencil. 

At only €1.42, the quality is overwhelmingly good. I have seen worse quality at even higher price point. The acrylic is clear, sturdy and durable. I am happy that I found this. This is great to rotate your makeup weekly and have them on display for use. From now on, I will be rediscovering some old flames and falling in love with some new ones too. 

Anyway, how do you store your weekly makeup items? Share it in the comments below. 



  1. What a cute little storage! It's the perfect size indeed! And the price... can't go wrong with that!
    I store my weekly makeup in a makeup bag from Forever 21 at the moment... It's light on Monday and weighs 3 tons by Sunday! LOL!
    Have a lovely evening Fatimah! :-)

  2. Lol!! I know right..typical beauty blogger..the makeup just keep coming in..I need to really do some spring cleaning on my makeup collection..something has to go to make way..have a lovely evening too, Anne..

  3. Hehe! Yep typical beauty blogger!
    Thanks Fatimah! Mwah!


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