Monday, 20 January 2014

Budget Buy: The Body Shop Eye Colour

L-R: 05, 07, 08, 41

It is almost astronimical that you would see me reviewing eyeshadows. I hardly wear them on a daily basis because I think it is so much work. However, I do have a penchant of buying single powder or cream eyeshadows just because they are so easy to work with. Sometimes with big palettes, I got dumbstruck as to what colours I should choose to wear. 

I first bought The Body Shop eyeshadows a year ago and I have been wearing them quite a lot here and there on the blog and also in my daily makeup rotation. I am so impressed with their quality that I thought I would give the attention that they deserve. I just don't see them popping up a lot on YouTube or in the blogosphere. 

I have 4 shades with me: 05, 07, 08 and 41. As you can see from the swatches, all of them are consistent in pigmentation and evenness in application. They last long on the lids, Blend seamlessly, easy to work with and very crease-proof too. The colour selection is huge and and they also have an extensive matte shades as well.

And did I mention that some of these shades are a very close M.A.C dupes? 07 is very close in comparison with M.A.C Satin Taupe, 41 is a distant cousin of M.A.C All That Glitters and 08 reminds me so much of M.A.C Amber Lights. And I am almost certain that M.A.C has one that looks similar to shade 05. If not, this shade is just amazing anyway. Plus, they are 0.1 g heavier than M.A.C eyeshadow if you want to work the math.

So, if you are on a budget look no further than this eye shadows offering from The Body Shop. They are definitely worth the quality and the money you pay for. It is definitely not drugstore but they are way cheaper than buying a M.A.C eyeshadow and you are getting the same quality. 

Have I convinced you enough? 

See you in the next post.



  1. the body shop is cheaper then MAC. its better buy from TBS if there are dupes . save moneyhehe

  2. Definitely Ika!! :-)

  3. i love bodyshop stuff but can't stand of their SA attitude.everytime i went inside the bodyshop store they never changed,kept following me around pushed me to buy this and that,standing beside me all the time.such a turn off!

  4. Totally understand how that feels.. Shopping experience I had here is completely different than what I am used to in shopping here allows me to swatch everything to my hearts' content and walked out empty handed and it won't look bad..I think I had a similar experience at a The Body Shop a few years back..x patut diorg buat mcm tu..makes it harder for people to make their own decisions..defeats the purpose of shopping altogether..

  5. Agree with Natasha! I never get the chance to have my "me" time to look the products my self. I just can't! The following is stressing me!

  6. I love The Body Shop. Paling suka powder, perfume dan body butter. Setuju dengan akak. Eyeshadow ni kualiti agak lebih kurang je antara brand murah dengan brand mahal. Hehe. Saya suka 05 & 08. :)

  7. Yeah, tp susah jugak nk cari high quality powder eyeshadow kat drugstore especially kat sini..I think Loreal make some of the good one and Kate too.. Akk pun suka body butter dgn body spray dia..

  8. Tulah, they are just driving customers away....something has to be done..


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