Wednesday, 22 January 2014

My 2014 Beauty Resolutions

We all have something that we want to change about ourselves, our habit and our lifestyle. So I thought I am going to share my beauty resolutions with you. 

1. Make body brushing a pre-shower ritual: Now, I talked about body brushing way back in summer and I was  really into it then. However, for some reasons, I don't anymore, when I probably should. After all, it makes my skin feels smoother than smooth.

2. Moisturize my body post-shower: I am guilty of neglecting this step for as long as I can remember though now I am slowly getting back to it. It is so darn hard because it is so cold here that you just want to get your clothes on as quickly as you can. I know, excuses, excuses... 

3. Apply face masks at least two times a week: I am pretty good with my daily skincare routine but I hardly ever kept up with my weekly mask rooster. So, apply mask weekly, I must!!! 

4. Wear more eyeshadows: a reminder to myself that buying eyeshadows does not equal wearing them!!! I should really use them and create so many different looks with them and experiment.

5. Get my brows sorted: my brows really puzzle me. I have a very sparse brows that points everywhere. So, as part of my 2014 beauty resolutions I am going to work towards perfecting my brow makeup. I am also thinking or trying to use a better products for filling in my eyebrow.

6. Buy less makeup: I have actually done this already. Over the past few months of blogging actively, I have accumulated a lot of unnecessary makeup junk. Now, I made it a point not to buy more makeup for the sake of reviewing them but I have to really like them and won't regret purchasing them later down the road. We have all been there, haven't we? Plus, there is more to beauty blogging than just reviewing beauty products. 

7. Quit touching my face: I am one of those girls or I might be the only girl who likes touching my face. Gross, right? It is really a compulsive behavior and it's taking a toll on my skin too. I have to really work on this one.

8. Take my vitamins regularly: Woops, I actually mean everyday. Yes, everyday Fatimah!! Starting tonight, I am game for it!! And girls, you should too. Vitamins I am taking right now are Fish Oil, Probiotics and Vitamin D. It is great for my skin, my digestion and my well-being respectively.
9. Take good care of my cuticles: Last night, when I made this list, I took my Dior Creme Apricot Cuticle Cream and put it in my skincare wash bag so I don't forget to treat my cuticles every night. Oh by the way, I love this cuticle cream so much!!

That is all of my beauty resolution that I want to keep up this year. I am committed to making this happen.  I will keep you guys updated on the progress.

 What's your beauty resolution this year?

My makeup:
Face: Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in 53, Chanel Les Breiges in B30, Makeup Forever Full Cover concealer in 10 | Eyes: Hema Eyeshadow Base, Bobbi Brown Corrector in Peach, Etos Brightening  Concealer in 02, M.A.C Bare Study, Max Factor Smokey Effect Eyeshadow Stick in Bronzer Haze, Loreal Super Liner, Catrice Eyebrow Stylist in Date with Ashton, Catrice Brow Filler and Maybelline Big Eyes mascara | Lips: Chanel Rouge Coco Shines in Fetiche | Cheeks: Benefit High Beam and Stila Convertible Color in Lilium 



  1. Hi Fatimah!

    I'm with you on buying less makeup! I've started also last summer and it feels good!
    I only buy makeup when I fall in love with a product, or if I'm running out of something. My drawers were getting out of control, I actually felt bad!
    I need to figure my eyebrows too! I'm thinking of going to a Benefit brow bar to have them shaped correctly!
    By the way, that rouge coco shine looks really nice on you! Very fresh!
    Much love! xoxo

  2. Hi Anne, I totally agree...I have limit my makeup shopping to things that I really really live and I know that I would's better saving the money for something more worthy...

  3. Thank you Anne, I love rouge Coco Shines..I feel like buying more shades but I am so in love with the two that I have now; Rivage and Fetiche..about the brows, I really need to seek some professional consultation..
    Enjoy the rest of your day !!

  4. ahha me thinking of buying less make up too! such an interesting post, gonna blog bout mine too eheh :p

  5. Please do!! Wanna see what your beauty resolutions too!!


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