Friday, 31 January 2014

My Favourite Beauty Bloggers and Vloggers

I saw my blogger friends Sabrina from Sabrina Tajudin and Sabrina from Sabby Prue (Yep, they share the same name!! How awesome!!) did their top YouTube Beauty Vloggers. If you have not followed them already, you totally should. So, I thought I would share mine too. Now, I feel like beauty vloggers like Missglamorazzi, Michelle Phan, Bethany Mota and other big names are so amazing in the beauty vlogging world and I really love their personalities and videos.
However, today I am going to name  a few of my favourite beauty vloggers that you may or may not heard of. They are really good and some of them are also my favourite bloggers too. Whenever they popped up in my subscription feed I would just click play right away.

Sometimes, what we love is a reflection of who we are. And my choices here really reflect my taste about makeup and beauty, in general. I am someone who loves and appreciates natural beauty and au naturale makeup. So, without wasting anymore time let's get started!!

1. Vivianna Does Makeup (VDM)

Anna is without a doubt my favourite blogger first and then my favourite vlogger. I love reading her blog and I absolutely love her writing style. She is one of those writers that makes you keep flipping the pages. Oh, yeah!! And, she is a Virgo too and yes, I am fan-girling right now.

2. Makeup That is All (Makeup TIA)

Ashley is possibly the sweetest beauty vlogger and blogger out there. She always wear a smile on her face and her videos and photos are so beautiful to look at. She has the most beautiful videos (not too overexposed, just perfect lighting) on YouTube and I will always anticipate and looking forward for her next videos.

3. Jessica Beautician

I discovered her last year and am completely fell in love with her. She has also started a blog quite recently. She is soft spoken and polite and she has an immaculate taste in makeup and beauty. She is also a qualified beautician or aestathician that work in the beauty industry. So, I really trust her opinion and she just have a good and positive vibe. Don't you think so?
4. Hello Octoberxo

Alice is also a new discovery for me. I love looking at her pretty face (Wouldn't you agree that she looks like Lily Collins?) and I also love her videos and her blog. I love her makeup picks as well. She sometimes look really shy in videos which I think is adorable.You guys should check her out!!

5. Amelia Liana

I have been a follower of her blog since I first started beauty blogging in 2012. I absolutely learnt a lot about dupes and beauty from her. This girl knows her stuff inside and out. Seriously, she is an ulimate beauty enthusiast. She just started YouTube but her videos are so impressive and she has an air of confidence about her. Her videos are so enganging and she really knows how to get your attention.

I think I have showed 5 of my favourite beauty bloggers and vloggers for you to subscribe!! More YouTube videos to watch on the wekkends, eh?



  1. love Anna as well! I just love how she talks and present just draws you in.. Hello October was also a new discovery for pretty! I also love watching Claire of Claire Marshall..she does does beauty, fashion n vlogs..i just love her style!

  2. I know, right..she is actually my blogger idol..yeay!!another you tuber to watch!!i will definitely check her channel..

  3. I watched viviana sometimes too. but now i always watch her in daily mix with lily pebbles. great selection of youtubers btw! :)

  4. you should read her blog too!! will get hooked in a heart beat..hihi

  5. Hi Fatima.. i added the ones i never heard of to my youtube channels..
    I so want you to check out some of my favourite... essiebutton, meghan Rienks and Young wild and polished (her bloopers at the end not to be missed)..
    They are all so nice and down to earth and absolutely funny in their own way...


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