Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Stila Convertible Color Trio in Cool

Well you know me, I love me some cream blushes. For me, it is a must have because it does not cake up the skin and I really love the glow that it imparts. To be honest, I have more cream blushes than I do powder blushes. That is how much I love cream blushes. If possible, I want to own every cream blushes out there from every brand. 

Lucky for me, I found Stila Convertible Color Trio in a Cool which features the shade L-R: Peony, Lilium and Cherry Blosom for only €28.75 when the single would cost somewhere around €19. At such a great value, it is like buying a blush and get 2 for free (slight exaggeration on my part, but I can't help it). Plus, it is one of those blushes that can be worn on the lips too.

The texture is akin to the Max Factor Creamy Touch blush. It is not at all powdery like the Topshop Cream Blush or staining like the Dior offering. In fact, it is rather tacky and stick to the skin. It lingers around on the skin and it is definitely not one of those cream blushes that disappear the moment you put it on. I wore Lilium today (a beautiful Rose shade) and it has lasted me around 5 hours which is quite good for a cream blush.

Overall, I am really happy with it and I can't wait to swirl my fingers on the other shades one more time.   The baby pink shade looks so appealing, doesn't it?



  1. I gotta say.. ur makeup collection is to die for and the colours are lovely! I like the look of Cherry Blossom..

  2. Seems like nice palette of cream blushes.The problem i have with cream blush is i don't know to apply it under or over foundation.lol.
    So my option would be powder blush then i will layer on top with bronzer or highlighter to get the shiny effect.hehe

  3. U have such a unique choice..not many people love brown tone blushes.. Well, I gotta say I am a makeup hoarder currently struggling not to buy more unnecessary makeup..hehe

  4. I always wear them on top of foundation...maybe with the staining ones you can wear them under foundations..your approach could work too.. ;-)

  5. i have a stila convertible colour in petunia and its still one my must haves!!

  6. Hahaha I would't really say unique choice but more like tahu diri sendiri not that fair so I tend to go for a more bronzy look :)

  7. you can try bright blushes too..it will look great agaisnt tan skin..


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