Saturday, 15 February 2014

After School Boy Blazer


I don't think we ever need a reason to dress up. And today, I just feel like putting some effort in my outfit. I would describe today's outfit choice as smart or school girl esque. It reminds me of my kindergarten outfit. 

I love how all the components mesh together and I just love the navy blue and the tartan skirt. This outfit is very European inspired as you can see from the colour scheme. You might also be able to tell that the blazer was in my wish list I put a few weeks ago on the blog and I finally got it when it was reduced. 

It has been ages since I posted an OOTD post, so I hope you like it. Also, I think I should accessorize my outfit just a little bit. I have never been an accessories kinda girl but I would give it a try in the future.

Blazer: Esprit | Skirt: MNG | Blouse: Vero Moda | Bag: Longchamp | Coat: H&M | Boots: Cellini



  1. wish i could pull off something like this too, cantik!

  2. You look so cute Fatimah! Please do more fashion posts! :-)
    Happy Sunday my dear!

  3. Suka boots akak! :)

  4. Hihi..tq June..kat sini je boleh pakai..balik Malaysia simpan dlm kotak lah jwbnye..

  5. Cute??? Hmmm..that's not the look I was going for..haha..(kidding!!) thanks though..I will .definitely want to put more effort into what I wear.. Happy Sunday to you too!!

  6. I think you can pull it off lah mieza!!

  7. Thank you Hanis..


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