Tuesday, 18 February 2014

My Shower Routine

If I have 40 minutes to spare for a long shower this is what I will be doing. Shower time= Me time!! I will first start with my hair and I am currently using the duo from the John Frieda Root Awakening line which is simply awesome at keeping hair fall at bay. Then I rinsed my hair and go on with my Holy grail hair treatment mask from Lee Stafford. My hair cannot live without this. My hair life without it means frizzy and coarse hair. What's even nicer about it is, I can even use it on my scalp as a scalp treatment which normally we would forget about. It leaves my hair soft and knot-free for days while not weighing my hair down. Seriuoslly great stuff. 

While my hair is absorbing all the goodness from my favourite hair treatment, I would go to work on my body.Twice weekly, I would have a good ol' scrub and the Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body scrub has been keeping my skin smooth and it smells divinely of sweet lemons. The sugar bits exfoliate and condition my skin. Is always looking forward to shower time when it involves this. Currently, I have also been loving Dermolin shower oil. Showering with warm water has been stripping my skin from moisture, so having a shower oil helps at maintaining my skin's moisture level. This shower oil lather up slightly upon contact with water and it contains ingredients that are nourishing to the skin. It is gentle which is great for people with sensitive and delicate skin.

Finally, it is time to rinse everything off my hair and body. I would normally wash my face at this point. After everything is wrapped in a towel and touch dry, I then moisturize with The Body Shop Body Butter. Oh, I cannot seem to get enough of this. It is so nourishing and keeps my skin so smooth and hydrated. It does not take long to be absorbed which makes the process so swift. 

And that is my entire shower routine!! Looking forward to the next shower again!!


  1. Haha rajinnyer akak~ I don't always pamper myself coz jenis yang cepat mandi X'D

  2. Saya pun ambil masa agak lama kalau bab mandi. Hehe. Suka main sabun. :P

    Nanti nak try Soap & Glory. I love The Body Shop body butter. :)

  3. Akk pun kdg2 mcm tu jugak..hihi..kalau xde masa tu mandi kambing aje..ni biasa akk buat especially time weekend lah..

  4. Best kan mandi..hihi..soap and glory ade kat Malaysia ke June?

  5. Haha mandi kambing XD hehe kalau weekends tu punn sye relax sgt smpai x terpamper. Tgk mood la >.<


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