Thursday, 6 February 2014

Diptyque Roses

My love for scented candles started when I was about 36 weeks pregnant with my daughter. I love how they make me feel cozy, warm and calm. However, most of the candles that I bought did not really deliver in the olfactory department. The scent can only be detected when I am actually sniffing so close at the candle. Have you ever been in the situation? 

I first discovered Diptyque through blogs and YouTube but mainly through Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup. Before Diptyque, there was Bath and Body Works candle which we don't have the store here in the Netherlands. I love how they are more affordable than Diptyque and I am dying to try one if I get the chance to. 

Diptyque candles are luxury candles and I can understand why. The candles are made by hand with such an excellent craftmanship and design. The scents that they offer are more sophisticated. You are definitely not getting anything synthetic here. The scents are multi dimensional, well-rounded and intense. You can sit far across the room and still be able to detect the scent. This is because the qualities of raw materials are exactly the same ones that are used to make Eau de toilette or perfume. 

I chose Diptyque Roses because it appeals to me most. I am happy to report that my house are smelling so divinely of roses. The scent is so intense without being so strong. They get it just right. Every Diptyque candle is housed in a box which I still keep because it is still smelling intensely of roses even though the candle has left the box for more than a week. I guess a good scent will always etch and leave memories even though it is long gone. 

Do you love scented candles? 


  1. Suka dengan scented candle! Paling suka candle dari Bath and Body Works tapi susah nak dapat! :)

  2. tu lah.. i wish i can get it easily..

  3. I only have two BBW candles~ gift from a friend >.< and that's it~

  4. Lucky you..akk teringin BBW candles!!

  5. Hihi, well I want to try Diptyque in exchange haha XD and also Yankee Candles. But don't worry akak, skrg ni private sellers ader jual BBW :p manatau akak dapat beli when you come back to Malaysia hehe

  6. Ada satu lagi scented candle tapi lupa brand apa. Candle tu dalamnya ada cincin. Kalau bernasib baik dapat cincin harga ratus atau ribuan juga. Kalau tak dapat pun cincin murah pun cantik. Candle tu besar. Nanti saya update kalau dah jumpa brand apa. :)


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