Friday, 21 February 2014

Happy Hands!!

When it comes to moisturizing my hands, I am one to have a plethora of hand creams on my office table, in my bag, on the side of my vanity and in my skincare wash bag. So, you can tell that I am obsessive about keeping my hands hydrated and moisturized. Lately, I have also been obsessive at keeping even my cuticles hydrated. Wow, who knew that cuticles need hydration too, right? And for that, my Dior Creme Abricot Mains has been a loyal dweller of my cuticles every single night. This cuticle cream is thick and packed with nourishing ingredients that you can massage in and leave it overnight to be absorbed. Happy hydrated cuticles? You betcha!! My cuticless never looked better, plumped and moisturized. I am actually admiring them right now. Something about a well cared cuticles that seem to make your nails look more elegant. Oh and did you know that you can also use this on yourr lips as well? Great 2-in-1 product. Then as a daytime hand cream, L'occitane Rose Hand Cream is perfect because it is light, quickly absorbed and smells great. A little aromatherapy always help during stressful times, right? Believe me, it doesn't take too much time at all to moisturize your hands, especially when it absorbs this fast. So, try to take a little time to save your hands from drying up. Night time routine bears a treat for my hands. The Burt's Bees Hand Salve  is the salvation for dry and rough hands. This is the most intensive hand salve i have ever come across. It comes in a form of of a balm and you neeed only a pea size to cover both hands.They have lasted me months and months and it's nowhere near the end. Because it is an intense treatment, I normally reserve it for nighttime. It is 100% natural ingredients (no nasties whatsoever) from sweet almond oil, olive oil, sunflower oil etc, and it has been working wonders for my hands. I noticed that my hands can maintain the moisture level till the day after with this. Sometimes I even forgot to put hand cream during the day and my hands do not feel dry. For the money that I paid for this and for how long it has lasted me, I am one satisfied customer. Oh, I am not finished yet. Would you like a pair of gloves with your cream? On days when the air is cold and dry you may need this. Or if you suffer from really dry hands, try adorning this before bed just after you moisturize your hand. It will protect and prevent the moisture from dissipating from your hands. I love this one from The Body Shop. They keep my hands cosy and tucked away from dryness.
And that's all of my secrets out on how I care for my hands and cuticles. What's your secret? Share it in the comments below.

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  1. Hand cream saya guna brand Etude House dan Crabtree & Evelyn. Untuk cuticles pula saya nak try brand Sally Hensen. :D


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