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January 2014 Favourites + a surprise!!

Jnaury has been a good month of discovering some new and old favourites. Life-wise, I have also graduated in January which is such a huge achievement for me juggling my time being a pregnant student and later on a mother. It has really been the highlight of this month and I am pretty much at my leisure now. I cannot wait for my graduation ceremony which will be later in March. So, it is time to show you my January favourites.

1. YSL Youth Liberator Foundation: The best foundation discovery last year!! I have a full review here if you would like to see the details but it is just a great medium coverage with such a beautiful finish on the skin. 

2. Bourjois Happy Light Foundation and Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder: Besides the YSL Youth Liberator foundation, I have also been loving these two complexion Perfector duo. The foundation manages to be flattering on the skin in every light while still making the complexion looks flawless. The powder on the other hand is so great for adding a matte but luminous fresh appearance on the skin. I also heard that it isa close dupe to Armani Luminous Silk Powder. 

3. HEMA Eyeshadow Base: If you've been to the Netherlands, then you may know HEMA. I have also reviewed the eyeshadow base and it has been an excellent eyeshadow primer. As I have been wearing a lot of eyeshadows this month, I have also paired different base and primers underneath my eye makeup including this, Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base and M.A.C Soft Ochre Paint Pot. Somehow, HEMA Eyeshadow base manages to pull an all-nighter so to speak! And there was no crease detectable when the other two contenders made my eyeshadow crease after a long day. HEMA Eyeshadow Base runs clear on the eyes so it does not add an extra layer of colour on the eyes. And, it really locks  the eyeshadow so well that I think that this could be a dupe for NARS Pro Prime Smudgeproof Eyeshadow primer. Reviews here.

4. Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me: This has been my go-to daytime lip balm since my beloved Burt's Bees is gone. It had also been my weekend lip balm when I am just lounging around the house. It is really great at moisturizing my lips and the colour is beautiful too. 

5. Chanel Rouge Coco Shines in Fetiche: I had this lipstick since two years ago and only now that I have started using it. That goes to show how I was obsessive at buying lipsticks just to look at it. It is so bad because this is such a pretty pinky mauve colour. Plus you can never go wrong with Chanel a Rouge Coco Shines; they are simply amazing. I wore this lipstick here if you fancy a look.

6. Coola Organic Suncare Broad Spectrum SPF 30: One word, WOW!! I have been an advocate of protecting the skin with sunscreen for as long as I can remember. I have tried so many sunscreen and NONE had compared to this. This is the lightest of sunscreen I have ever put on my face. It feels just like a normal moisturizer and it also has added skin benefit to it. You know how sometimes sunscreen can give a white cast? This one doesn't. It is just one of a kind. And did I mention that they are organic, environment-friendly and the profit also goes to skin cancer research fund? 

7. Caudalie Vinoperfect Range: The French never disappoints when it comes to skincare. This range has been working so well for my skin. The result it gives is not immediate but you look in the mirror one day and you see yourself in a different light and then you had a bulb light moment where you go;" Owh, so that's what they did to my skin!! " You know what I mean?

8. Clarins Lotus Treatment Face Oil: I have been incorporating face oil in my skincare routine. I would follow this after a serum and my skin has never looked better the next day. I will definitely continue with this routine.

9. Toni & Guy Glamour To Go Moisturizing Shine Spray: This has been my hair savior this month. My hair has been so dry this month despite me using a hair oil after shampooing and conditioning my hair. My hair seems to suck the oil up and leaves my hair frazzled again the next day. So I have been spritzing this to give life back to my hair and it makes it soft and tame again. It is so handy to use because it is a spray and it feels like spraying water on my hair.

10. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green: This has to be my favourite book this month. I am halfway through finishing it so no spoiler alert please!! It is so bluntly written yet it is the truth. It is really a new writing style I have encountered from a book and I really enjoy reading it.

So, that is all from my January favourites and I hope you learn a thing or two from today's post. As a surprise, I will also be giving away two Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me for two lucky winners who read this post. I wanted to thank you for the words of congratulation that you have sent me and the support you have given me all this time. I really love reading your comments and I am glad to be part of your life. 

So, simply follow me on my blog and my Instagram and comment on what have been your favourite in January. This giveaway is open to Malaysia only. Winners will be announced two weeks from now. So, stay tuned.

Till then,


  1. Bestnya ada giveaway..Congrats kak now u finished ur study :) i remember when i graduated few years back been in the graduation ceremony,with graduation robe on and the moment when i received my transcript indeed was one of the bestest moment in my life.hehe.btw,may i know for mac which shade are you?i love the bourjois fondation very much. bought it in shade 54 but it turns out darker on my face.sigh

  2. Tahniah, Kak. Bukan senang jadi student + pregnant + wife + ibu. Wow, caya la!

    My January favorites is Urban Decay Naked, Urban Decay Naked Basics, Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream San Paulo and Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in Natural Beige. <3

  3. I know,I still can't believe that I have graduated!! It's just unbelievable!! Actually I don't use Mac foundation anymore because I found that they are heavy and they broke me out.,so i have completely forgotten which shade I used..hihi..but my Bobbi brown shade is warm natural. Happy light foundation. mmg darker than healthy I am 54 in healthy mix and I chose 53 in happy light because it looks like 54 i healthy mix..Tasha skrg ade 50% off sale biurjois kat tmpat akk??kalau nk beli bgtau ek..

  4. Terima kasih..akk pun bertuah, ramai yg support dan bantu akak along the was a really humbling experience for me..June dah try nyx butter gloss? Mcm best je akk rase..

  5. Congratulations on your graduation!

  6. Orait will pm u.mcm berminat nak try bourjois healthy balance powder.healthy balance powder akak guna shade apa?

  7. Akk guna shade 53..

  8. Sokongan tu memang penting lebih2 lagi ada anak. besar tanggungjawab tu.

    NYX butter gloss belum try lagi la kak. Tunggu akak yang review dulu. Hehe. MAC foundation heavy ke kak? Baru plan nak beli sebab nak cari full coverage punya.

  9. Thank you Ada!!

  10. finally someone agree with me. ehe. I guna mac foundation and rasa they are heavy la on my face. but still nak kena habiskan, nanti rugi je beli. sikit je lagi tinggal. hihi. so, currently looking for a lighter foundation. sadly bourjois xde kan kat malaysia?

  11. Yg akk Cuba studio fix fluid liquid and cream foundation mmg heavy mcm pakai foundation and a gak tebal..tak pasti yg lain mcm mne..June Cuba dulu..mana tau June suka..nyx butter gloss xde kat sini sayang..sedih

  12. Satu lagi akk find mac foundation ni oxidize especally kalau ade oily skin and agak cakey..Studio fix fluid mmg full coverage tp akk rs June x perlu pakai full coverage sbb Jun punya kulit kalau nk full coverage gak try Estée Lauder double wear and yg light sikit Estée Lauder double wear light..

  13. Akk pun habis kan gak akk punye tu..lepas tu x pakai dah and masa tu convert ke Loreal true akk tgh bukak order Bourjois skrg..nydia order through fb Nabilah Ismailjee..dia ade list semua barang2 and harga and akk akn beli and hantar kat dia..


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