Monday, 24 February 2014

Review: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation


In direct sunlight with mascara + concealer

As promised and requested, today I have a review of the most wanted foundation, the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. I was matched to the shade 8.0 which to be honest is a little dark for my skin. I think 7.0 may suit me a little better but it is still not too dark that I cannot wear it. 

This foundation is targeted to give a natural luminous finish while still looking most natural on the skin. With a Micro-fil technology, it is lightweight and glides on seamlessly on the skin. I completely agree with the claims. This foundation really live up to its claim and my high expectation. It has an extensive shades which I think is the best selling point for a foundation. So, if you have troubles finding a perfect shade of foundation for your skin tone, look this way. Armani has it all figured out.

First of all, I was so amazed by how lightweight this feels on my skin. Even my tinted moisturizers and BB creams feel heavier on my skin. So, if you are not a fan of how foundation feels on the skin, the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk is definitely for you. The coverage is a good medium coverage with one pump of the foundation which was the quantity that I was wearing in this post. It covers the drying acne scar I have on my cheek  quite well. It does not emphasize or clings to dry patches either. Because of its' lightweight properties, this foundation can be layered up to full coverage without looking thick or cakey. My skin just look so much better with this foundation on. I feel like this foundation has a translucent quality to it, so, that's why it looks so skin-like and so natural. This foundation will suit most skin types. Unless, if you have very oily skin, try to stay away because this foundation is not targeted to mattify the skin, otherwise, a little bit of a mattifying powder will do the trick. 

I am in love with this foundation and I will definitely recommend it to everyone out there. This foundation is a great starting point if you are starting to get into high end foundation. It is universally appealing. It's low maintenance, lasts long and great for everyday, for flash photography and perfect to use when you are going out too. Loreal True Match foundation is rumored to be a dupe for Giorgio Luminous Silk foundation but more about that later in the next post. 

See you soon. 




  1. Nampak natural dan boleh cover parut jerawat bg saya dah cukup bagus. Masih tetap sesuai dgn akak w/pun akak kata foundation tu sedikit gelap. Setuju dgn akak yg BB cream pun ada tekstur yg berat. Hihi. :)

  2. x nampak la bekas jerawa selepas pakai foundation tu

  3. Hi Fatimah!
    I remember getting a big sample of this foundation last year and used it all up. I loved it! It looks so natural...
    You make me want to buy the full size... dammit! LOL
    Your skin looks lovely by the way!
    Good evening! xx

  4. Yes I'm on the market for a new one! I think I will stick to mineral foundation for summer though... It will be so hot here, I don't think liquid foundation will hold very well! But definitely for winter, I will repurchase the GA!

  5. It is the foundation that is working its skin is nowhere near flawless.. You should give it a trying you like the finish and the lightweight feel of this foundation..thank you for the nice compliments..


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