Tuesday, 18 February 2014

What Beauty Blogging Means to Me and Maybelline Baby Lips Giveaway Winner


I thought of doing a personal post today and share with you my experience and how I actively started beauty blogging. I know each one of us has different experiences and I just feel like it is really worth sharing with someone.
Obviously, blogging for you guys means a lot to me. I have always been into beauty for as long as I can remember. I remember that I would sneakily use my mum's makeup and trying on powders whenever I was at the drugstore. And I remember when I started battling acne and pimples as a teenager, I would peruse every single drugstore and pharmacy trying to find the 'çure'  and reading the labels frantically. I also remember that I wanted to work in the beauty industry developing skincare for women. So, that is why I study science so I can incorporate what I learn to what is out there in market. Thankfully, I am no longer battling acne after years of educating myself about skincare and beauty in general.
So the moments actually came when I started watching YouTube beauty videos. From there, I started gaining interest and that was when I get the most "beauty -high" in my entire life. I tried and tested so many different products and learn what works for me. Then, I discovered beauty blogs and that was when something in me struck. I have always loved writing. I already had a blog at that time where I blogged about food, culture and even personal stories. So, that was when I combined my old flame (writing) and my new found obsession (beauty).
To be honest, it was not easy to start. If I have a piece of advice, it would be: persevere. Just keep doing it and you will be surprised at how much you have improved. Passion is definitely a big part to beauty blogging. I do not blog for fame or recognition. I see blogging as my creative outlet. For me, my blog is my platform to show originality and creativity which I think is a very important aspect to have in life. I feel like being creative makes me feel whole and happy as a person. Blogging has also help me from filling the void. I no longer feel lonely because I get to talk to to you guys. Everyday, in my mind I would think and imagine of what next posts would be. I would plan ahead of what posts I am going to put up and that fuels my interest to blog on a regular basis.Fast forward, I started gaining more followers and audience to my blog, thanks to all of you.
 With this, I would like to express my appreciation to my followers for the support. I am so happy to have such lovely and positive-minded followers.

Finally, (drum roll please) the winners for the Maybelline Baby Lips giveaway are Nydia Anies and Natasha Idha!! Congratulations to both winners and hopefully you will conatct me soon for your contact details.

Till then,


  1. love what you shared! the experience is priceless right ;)

  2. yeaaaaayyy, thankkk u sis! its been a while x online tiba2 dapat hadiah. hihi. thank u! will email u soon! :)))

  3. True..sometimes it is just nice to do things that you love even if it means you did not get anything out of it..that is just pure passion..

  4. Haha..sama2 ..kecik je hadiah nye..but I just feel like giving something..hope you will like it..


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