Thursday, 13 March 2014

My Spring/Summer Nail Polish Picks

Spring comes early in The Netherlands so it's time to bust out some colours. I don't normally wear nail polish that much so I don't have a lot of nail polishes. However, since I love colours, I have collected a few and they are my absolute favourites. Spring screams, pastels, bright and muted neutral colours in my book, And today, I have a few selection for each. So let's see the shades breakdown:
Top to bottom: Koh Hold Me Tight, Essie Your Hut or Mine, Essie Bikini So Teeny and Gosh Miss Minty
1. Koh Hold Me Tight: I believe this was part of their spring collection last year and this was the only colour that I was attracted to. It is like a pinkish purple shade that looks quite similar to the Butter London Molly Coddled shade. It is so beautiful!!
2. Essie Your Hut or Mine: A beautiful coral with gold micro shimmers running through them. perfect for those beach days and summer time.
3. Essie Bikini So Teeny: A unique pastel blue shade that is not too pale. Every blue lover needs this!!

4. Gosh Cosmetics Nail Varnish in Miss Minty: Everybody needs a mint varnish in their stash. And this is a great true mint shade. If you think Essie Mint Candy Apple is too pale, then this might be an option for you.

From Top to Bottom: Bourjois 1 second in 08 Bleu Water, Chanel Le vernis in June, O.P.I You're Such a Budapest and Mavala Moon Grey

5. Bourjois 1 second in Bleu Water: the perfect powder blue shade I found at the drugstore. Oh, did you know that this colour is so in this season. The colour looks exactly like my Zara bag.
6. Chanel Le Vernis in June: a beautiful pastel peach shade I grabbed from the spring collection not too,long ago. The only Chanel polish I own. 
7. OPI You Are Such A Budapest: a stunning bluey lilac shade from the Euro collection last year. It is lilac with attitude.
8. Mavala in Moon Grey: If you love neutrals but still wants to be fashionable a slate grey shade makes the cut. This shade sometimes look almost as if it has a lavender undertone to it. It is seriously stunning.

Top two fingers and bottom two fingers are Catrice Ultimate Nudes in 01 Karl Says Tres Chic and Bourjois So Laque in 39 Jaune Trendy

9. Catrice Karl Says Tres Chic: This has to be my favourite pinky nude polish. It looks so chic on and makes my nails look longer and elegant. 

10. Bourjois Jaune Trendy: a bright canary yellow that is perfect for the sun worshiper. It is fun, it is bright and it is a happy shade. Perfect to get you in the mood for spring or summer.

So now it is time to decide and paint your nails with the colours of the rainbow this season!! What is/are your favourite(s) shade for spring?


  1. Ever since berhijab I don't always wear nail polish >.< sad2. but these colours are lovely!

  2. Akk pun jarang pakai nail akk suka beli from time to time kalau ade kaler yg cantik..

  3. Hihi kan.! These days pastels yg byk cantik ❤️


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