Thursday, 6 March 2014

Oils All Over

Oh, where do I begin? I used to detest face oil. One, because I have an oily skin growing up and two, they are so hard to be absorbed by the skin. However, seeing as they are good for the skin ESPECIALLY for oily skinned- gals I sucked it up and tried it again. My first is the Clarins Face Treatment Lotus Oil which is targeted for combination to oily skin aimed to balance out the skin.  I still love using this at night and shared my love for it in the past before here. In short, this can transform whacked up stressful skin to its original balanced state. I noticed that my dry patches and excess oiliness are gone when I used this thanks to the various plant oils it has in there. You only need a tiny amount to use at night and there are also one for dry skin and normal skin types.
A rather new addition to my face oil lineup is the REN Vita Mineral Omega 3 Optimum Serum Oil which was in my February Favourites. If the Clarins Face Treatment Oil balances my skin, this nourishes and conditions my skin by giving it the vital nutrients that it needs, Omega 3 that promotes cell renewal and improves moisture barrier of the skin so the firmness and elasticity are restored. Not just that, it has Rosehip Oil which is good for regeneration of the skin and wheatgerm oil to protect skin from free radicals and oxidation. May I add, that it smells like cupcake. Oh yeah!! All the more reasons to put it on your face. After using it for only 2 weeks, I have seen such beautiful results. My skin is feels more plump, firmer and just better in every way.
Then we also have oils for the hair and for that I chose my Loreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil. I always love using hair oils since I was young but sometimes they can be too heavy and make my scalp feeling itchy. However, this one is just perfect for hydrating my hair while not making my scalp oily. It is also suitable fine hair, absorbs really fast and moisturizes my hair like no other.
Do you ever feel like your shower foam dries your skin out? I do. Yes, you feel squeaky clean for a while and when it all dries up, you are left with rough skin. So, recently, I have been switching to Dermolin Shower Oil. It is unscented which is great for sensitive skin and the ingredients contain no nasties, just straight up good soy bean oil and other plant oils. After shower, my skin feels smooth and hydrated. It is definitely worth trying.
So, that concludes the oil routine I got going on at this moment. Overall, my skin has never been happier.
Have you tried any kind of oil before? How do you like it?


  1. my face will get oily when I use oils... maybe one day T_T

  2. Akk biasa pakai 2-3 drops je and it does the job..and akk strictly just guna waktu mlm je..Cuba lah and see the difference again

  3. hihi. okayh, just have to find the right one. Belum ader masa sangat nak g shopping at stores XD

  4. Saya pun guna L'oreal Extraordinary Oil tu. :)


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