Friday, 11 April 2014

Chanel Joues Contraste in 88 Vivacite

Another day, another radiant orchid shade. This time it's Chanel Joues Contraste in 88 Vivacite, one of the two limited edition blush shades that came out with the new foundation Perfection Lumiere Velvet. This was the only blush that captured me from the collection. 

For the record, I am not really into Chanel powder blushes because I found them to be subtle in pigmentation but I do love Chanel cream blushes. They are the best ones out there, if you ask me. I have not been impressed with their baked blushes in the past, but this shade (Vivacite)  in particular does not have the baked properties that other Chanel powder blushes have. Vivacite is richly pigmented just by swirling a finger in the blush. 

One swipe is all it takes for Vivacite to show up on the skin while swatching. This blush appears to be matte unlike most Chanel powder blushes which contains a tiny specks of glitter.

The shade is a gorgeous orchid shade. The powder is very finely milled that it swatches evenly so on my hand. The texture of the powder is so soft, that there is a risk of picking up too much product. I found that it is the case with the coarse provided brush that it was picking up too much colour with just a slight touch. I would highly suggest using a softer bristle blush brush and I find that a softer brush picks up just the right amount of product. And due to the rich pigmentation you have to blend in the product more to diffuse it which thankfully this blush is easily blendable. I found that it blends more easily on a powdered face/skin.

The above photo is a comparison swatch of (L-R: Benefit Lolli tint, Chanel Joues Contraste in Vivacite, Chanel Cream Blush in Revelation and Chanel Joues Contraste in Accent). You can see that both Benefit Lolli tint and Chanel JC in Vivacite share a similar orchid shade with Lolli tint being slightly more pink and is a gel textured cheek tint.

This blush is great for someone who is looking for a matte, orchid shade blush in powder form. If you prefer powder blush, then this is a spot-on option for you. 

The wear time is also quite impressive. It disappears just slightly so around the edges but the vibrancy still lingers on my skin even after 7 hours of wear. Overall, I am just so happy to have found this blush. If you have the chance to swatch this blush, please do so. You will be captivated by its beauty. If you are undecided to purchase this blush, sleep on it. Chances are, you will go back to the store just to buy it.

 Do you own an orchid shade blush in your collection? 



  1. the chanel cream blushes are so cute in every way, they pretty and the packaging is so classic!

  2. The color is gorgeous and it looks good on you Kak. So pretty. :)

  3. Beautiful shade! I'm impressed with the pigmentation!
    Orchid shades don't look good on my light skin but it surely does look great on you!
    Thanks for sharing Fatimah! :-)

  4. I finally found you from Instagram Fatma! Love your blog, don't forget to follow me back.

    From Sabah,

  5. That is such a pretty colour! Looks mashallah on you as well :)


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