Thursday, 10 April 2014

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet: Review, Swatches and a Smitten First Impression

There's a new foundation from my favourite brand, Chanel. It is called Perfection Lumiere Velvet €42.95, 1 fl.oz. This foundation will replace Chanel Mat Lumiere. According to Chanel, this foundation is suited for normal and combination skin or people with an oily T-zone. They also say that, upon contact with skin the ultra light emulsion transforms into a natural powdery matte halo with a weightless feel. And, the Perfect Skin Affinity complex maintains colour and radiance all day long. This foundation also has what Chanel called "smooth-effect" powders to help fill surface irregularities and instantly smooth pores. The Perfect Light Control complex also helps to correct dark spots and redness without a hint of thickness due to the combination of two semi-sheer hemispherical powders present in the complex. As a result, the complexion is left with a matte velvety effect. 

When I read the claims, I definitely think of a matte foundation that has a medium coverage, feels lightweight on the skin and manages to look fresh all day even without touch ups. I also feel like this is a good foundation to have in the warmer months when the weather gets hot and the complexion starts getting oily and makeup is just sliding off the face. 

I have three Chanel foundations in my collection and Chanel Perfection Lumiere is definitely nothing alike of the the other two I have. In comparison to Chanel Pro Lumiere which gives a dewy finish to the skin Chanel PL Velvet is more matte and more lightweight. Both Pro Lumiere and PL Velvet has medium coverage with the PL Velvet having slightly better coverage. Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua is more sheer to buildable medium coverage with a luminous semi matte finish. Pro Lumiere is more dewy than Chanel VA. 

In terms of texture, Chanel PL Velvet in B40 (middle) sits somewhere between Chanel Pro Lumiere (discontinued) in B40 (left) and Chanel VItalumiere Aqua in B30 (right). I noticed that Chanel PL Velvet also needs to be shaken prior to use but it was not as rigorous as you need to shake Chanel VA. I also noticed that B40 of Pro Lumiere is darker than B40 of PL Velvet which actually matches me better. 

So, let's talk personally about how I feel about this foundation after a week of road test. I was very impressed on how it performs. I have oily combination skin, so this foundation is a match for my skin type. Something remarkable I noticed about this foundation is how it completely defeats the need to use a primer and powder both at the same time. Those are two steps I don't need to take!! And that's how I have been wearing my Chanel PL Velvet; just on its own. However, if you do have really oily skin, you might want to powder just a little bit. It is definitely a plus for me since I don't like how certain primers feel on my skin like an extra layer just sitting on top. 

I could not agree more with the lightweight claim. It is rare to experience that a powdery matte foundation can give such an effect to the skin. You know how I told you that Armani Luminous Silk foundation feels so lightweight on the skin? This is the same, if not more. It is way lighter than Chanel Pro Lumiere and Chanel VA. Apart from that, I also love how my skin feels so velvety smooth that I just keep touching my skin. I also noticed that my skin has a skin-like glow. I first thought that it was my oil breaking through the foundation but when I touch my face there is none. My skin still feels soft without a hint of oiliness. The finish is also unbelievably natural and skin like. 

This foundation has medium coverage. I have some acne scarring around my chin area and this foundation manages to correct it so well. I simply have to top it off with a little concealer to even it all out. This foundation can be built up too without looking cakey. I used my finger to apply and that is also what Chanel recommends to do. 

This foundation held up so well on my unpowdered and sans primer skin. It manages to smooth and even out the surface of my skin. Even after 5 hours of running errands and cycling to buy grocery on a warm spring afternoon, (see above photo) it still manages to look fresh and put together. No foundations has ever looked this good on me after 5 hours. I normally get oily around my T-zone by that time. And it requires the need to blot and touch up. 

I think by now, you may have figured out already that I love this foundation and that it lives up to all the claims. This is fast becoming one of my all time favourite foundation along with my other favourites. Oh,  Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet, you had me at Hello. 




  1. Oh you got me interested now Fatimah!
    No primer or powder sounds very appealing to me!
    I want to try it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. nice. hmm. hope i can try this soon. my foundation dah nak abis. same like Anne said, "no primer or powder sounds very appealing to me!" :)


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