Monday, 5 May 2014

Lancome Lip Lover and 3 Gorgeous Spring Reds


Assalamualaikum and Hello everyone!! I am back!! I sorta fell off from the blogosphere, haven't I? Well, I have been very busy lately and many things have come first in my priority list. I am currently preparing for a move back home to Malaysia, so as you may know there are lots of things to do before moving. Boxes are piling up, furnitures are being dismantled and suitcases are being packed, yet there are still many more things to do. I am also trying to take everything in before I leave the Netherlands, so I am creating as many happy memories here to bring home with me. Anyhow, thank you for sticking around and being patient with me. You are the best!!

Today's blogpost is all about the new Lancome Lip Lover in Framboise Etoile, a hybrid lip product that combines the colour payoff of a lipstick, the shine of a gloss and the comfort of a lip balm. This shade in particular is a juicy raspberry red that is gorgeous for spring and summer. 

There are so many of these new generation lipstick hybridsnowadays, and I think this gem from Lancome tops it all. I found that the Loreal ones are a little too emolient which makes it more of a gloss rather than a lipstick whilst the NYX butter gloss on the other hand are not as pigmented. There are also the ones from Dior which I tried in store which I was not really amazed by it because I found that they are too goopy plus the shade offerings are not as diverse.

Lancome Lip Lover, however offers as many as 15 shades that range from nudes, pinks, reds, violets and browns. The texture is really lightweight and it feels comfortable on the lips. It does not feel like it is sitting on my lips at all. The formula almost becomes one with my lips. The wear time is also great and it leaves a gorgeous stain behind. I am seriously loving the formulation of these. In fact, I just ordered two more shades. That is how excellent these are!! You shall see what other shades I got. I am sure they will be making an Instagram debut.

I have also gathered 2 other gorgeous spring appropriate reds to dorn your lips this season. One is the Chanel Rouge Allure in Palpitante (review and swatches here) and the other is Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Frambourjoise (review and swatches here).

I think that is all for now. I highly suggest you to try them and see what you think. I heard the Maybelline Color Elixirs are great and I cannot wait to try them once I am in Malaysia!! Any shades in particular that deserves buying?



  1. i want to try out the bourjois rouge edition velvets so bad!

  2. this is a great hybrid lip product. love the result and the shade that you are wearing :)


  3. Thank you Mitch!!

  4. Yes, you should..they are da bomb!!

  5. They all seem like great products! *u* I'm interested in trying out the Chanel Rouge Allure one, especially! Thanks for sharing this ^^
    -Kiyomi xx


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