Thursday, 24 July 2014

Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow in 04 and 05: Review and Swatches

Me and eyeshadow sticks have gone way back. I love having a few eyeshadow stick options in my makeup drawer when the need for speedy makeup ensues.However, from my past experience, much to my dismay, they do not excel in the long lasting aspect. That was until I met this gem from Kiko when I was in Italy. I just know that I had to grab one of their most talked about product; their Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow. Long Lasting is the keyword here. 

First, let's talk colours. Kiko has every colour under the sun. You thought of a colour, they most surely have it. Pinks, greens, blues, they got it covered!! The finishes also vary from shimmers to mattes. Texture wise, they very much remind me of my Byterry Ombré Blackstar but at a much cheaper price. They are smooth, they apply evenly and they set with enough play time for blending and distributing the colour. 

I have two shades; 04, a dark brown with micro shimmers (left) and 05, a shimmery purplish taupe (middle) which I heard is a dupe for Byterry Ombré Blackstar in Misty Rock from Miss Karen of Lovely Girlie Bits blog. I swatched my Byterry Ombré Blackstar in the shade Bronze Moon on the far right for shade and finish comparison. You can clearly see that the qualities of both shadows from Kiko can be mistaken for a Byterry one. 

In terms of longevity, these can withstand all day aggressors such as heat and humidity. They do not smudge or crease. They stay until you take it off. I can only see a slight intensity of colour fading but it was nothing too major that warrants a major retouching. 

After trying these, I can say that they are dupes for the Byterry Ombre Blackstar in terms of quality, lasting power and everything in between. I highly recommend that you try these because it is going to make your makeup life easier and quicker. Don't we all want that? 

Have you tried Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow? If so, what shades do you have?


  1. welcome back kak! :D I have a few of Kiko items myself - concealer and eyeshadow. They're really awesome! The ones you have here are gorgeousssss!

  2. wah beatnye..produk diorg mmg bagus dan harga pun sgt berpatutan..high quality pulak tu..akk suka sbb produk diorg semua letak dlm kotak..jarang drugstore brand buat mcm tu

  3. Yeap! Concealer tu la my fav hihi ❤️ Sye ader tgk blusher kiko ada ukiran ala2 pocket jeans tu so gorgeousss. Hehe i agree! So far Kiko stuffs I've gotten memang dalam kotak xD


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