Monday, 14 July 2014

Hada Labo AHA and BHA Face Wash: A Review

I rarely raved about cleansers on my blog but since I got back from the Netherlands, I have been so amazed by the choices in the skincare sections in Malaysian drugstores. What I meant was, you can find great skincare products just by searching the aisle. And guess what? I found my new perfect cleanser!! It is from a Japanese brand called Hada Labo and it is their AHA and BHA cleanser. 

Targeted to clarify and exfoliate the skin, I saw visible results within just a few washes. My skin is clearer, softer, more even and smoother in texture. Just better. I know it is the cleanser because I only change my cleanser and kept the rest of my skincare routine just like before. 

From my own observation, a lot of cleansers tend to be harsh, stripping to the skin and some even leave a matte film on the skin. So, instead of revealing the skins' radiance,  it blocks it out entirely. However, Hada Labo AHA and BHA cleanser does the opposite. It does not leave residue on the skin and it gets rid of dead skin cells to reveal brighter and clearer skin. It claims to also promote healthy skin regeneration and the BHA unclogs the pores from oil, dirt and impurities. I have to insist that exfoliation is really key to a beautiful glowy skin. Depending on your skin tolerance, you can exfoliate daily with mild exfoliating cleansers such as this one fron Hada Labo. 

On another note, I also hate cleansers that foam. It just tells me that it is a soap and not a cleanser which is why I avoided soapy ingredients like Sodium Lauryl Sulphate in any of my cleansers. Hada Labo AHA and BHA cleanser is formulated without any harsh chemicals. It is gentle, pH balanced, low irritation product that are free from fragrance, mineral oil, alcohol, additives and colourant. It does lightly foam like a mousse but mildly so that you can hardly feel the foam. It is everything I want in a cleanser. And ladies, it is a good thing that cleansers aren't like men. You can change your cleanser whenever you find a better one.

And with this keyboard, I give my seal of approval to Hada Labo AHA and BHA cleanser. 



  1. I was perusing through Watson's aisle wondering what I should get..something that would not be easily available in Australia.. hhmmm, i think you've just convinced me with this one

  2. yes, they have a good range of products especially for moisture and evening out skin tones..


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