Sunday, 10 August 2014

Drugstore Blushes I'm Currently Loving

I have been really into blushes lately. I feel like being in the always sunny and bright Malaysia, wearing a stroke of colour on the cheeks is mandatory so you don't look too pasty. And lately, I have been loving a few drugstore blushes and they are all amazing.

First up,is the Essence Blush Up in Pinky Flow. Not really a fan of their permanent line of blushes cause I found them to be quite grainy. This Blush Up! line, however, is better. It is a gradient shades of pink from cool to warm. I like it because you can customize the tone of pink that you want to wear on your cheeks. It is not completely matte as it has tiny silver shimmers running through giving a healthy pink glow to the cheeks. I am not one for shimmery blushes but the shimmers are micro and very finely milled. You cannot see it on the skin. Another upside? It stays on for at least 8 hours on me. See me wear it here.

Another jewel from Essence Cosmetics that is sadly a limited edition from the Cookies & Cream collection is something that should be the talk of town. A gorgeous shimmery golden warm pinky coral in the shade Cake Pop That's Top. It swatches smoothly on the skin, pigmneted and glides smoothly as butter. The texture really surprise me as I am rally hard to please when it comes to baked blushes. The quality beats Bourjois round pot blushes. The one from Bourjois does not have a profound pigment and the shimmer is quite scattered. Whereas this has an even pigmentation and the micro shimmers are evenly distributed. Think M.A.C Mineralize blushes and you will get what I am trying to convey. The shade complements my warm undertone wonderfully. Everytime I wear it, I look younger and more awake. I really love this blush and it will surely be making debut on my next FOTD post.

Then, there is one for your-cheeks-but-better blush. It is a Gosh blush in the shade Flower Power. If you don't know already, it is a cult product from Gosh Cosmetics and I can see why. It may not look like anything in the pot but on the cheeks it is Woah!! See me wearing it here. This can be your everyday blushes. You don't have to think about it because it is going to look great with any makeup look that you wear. The colour reminds me of NARS blush in Deep Throat but a little darker. It is such a pretty blush and if I can only have one blush for the rest of my life, it would be this one.

Finally, the one for Barbie cheeks lover. It is from the Maybelline Blush 'Em in 03 I.m Pop. It was love at first application for me. The powder is soft but not overly soft that it disintegrates to the point where it picks up too much product. It is not chalky even though it is a matte blush. When worn, it does not look powder or thick on the skin either. Love, love, love. See me wear it here. It is the kinda blush that makes you look more radiant and fresher. Another great feature of this blush is how compact it is and you can pretty much snuggle it into your almost full makeup bag. I am not really fond of the brush that it comes with because I find it quite scratchy and coarse. If you have this blush, simply use your own blush brush.
With that, I conclude my favourite drugstore blush breakdown. I am sure that there is more to discover. Till then, I will be enjoying these four darlings.

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