Friday, 26 September 2014

Those Salmon Pink Lipsticks from Elianto

Fact: I love lipsticks. And, it has been a long while since I went makeup shopping. A long while... So, I decided to go out, have a look at some Elianto makeup. Little did I know that I would be enraptured by the most beautiful shade of lipstick I have ever seen!! They are both in the salmon pink colour family and I never knew that it could be this beautiful.
So, onto the lipsticks. I purchased a matte one from the Matte Rouge range in the shade 02 and another one from the Satin Rouge range in the shade S11.

Elianto Matte Rouge in 02 is what I would describe as a peachy salmon shade. The finish of this lipstick is somewhat different as it is a sheer matte lipstick which is something I rarely find. You can still see the grain of your lips post application. The overall finish of this lipstick is matte but not overly so that it dries your lips out.  This lipstick range or maybe this particular shade of lipstick has micro golden shimmers running through it which adds to the warmth of the shade. It does not make your lipcolor frosty or metallic which I know canbe a turn off for some including myself. The wear time of this lipstick is on the average side of the equation. You are looking at wearing it for about 3-4 hours. 

Next in line is the Elianto Satin Rouge in S11 which is a true juicy salmon pink shade. The shade isso beautiful that I still cannot stop singing it praises. The finish of this lipstick is satiny just like the name suggest. It has a lovely sheen and the pigmentation is gorgeous. You got your lips covered with just two swipes of this lipstick. It has more slip than the aforementioned lipstick due to the satiny finish. And that means it helps to moisturize the lips as well which I appreciate in a lipstick. It looks so smooth and juicy on the lips. The wear time is about the same at 3-4 hours until your next touch up. 

I think I love these lipsticks. I have not stopped wearing them ever since I got them and sometimes I found myself sneaking into my room just to put these lipsticks on my lips. That is how much I love them and I am sure you will be too. If you happen to pass by an Elianto stand, don't forget to check them out.


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  1. OMG the Elianto Satin Rouge in S11 is so gorgeous! Never heard of the brand before, need to check it out! x :))


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