Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Essence Long Lasting Lipstick in Love Me and Coral Calling

Essence is bringing two more new shades to their Long Lasting Lipstick range. These two shades; Love Me and Coral Calling are both very wearable. Love Me  is your classic everyday peachy pink shade while Coral Calling is a gorgeous bright coral shade that you can wear whenever the mood to wear a slightly "brighter but not too on yer face" lipstick strikes.
Now, I have to mention that the word "Long Lasting" can be a little misleading because as far as I know after testing and wearing them they are all not that long lasting. To me, the wear time is just average like any other ordinary creamy lipsticks out there and perhaps slightly longer than sheer lipsticks.

The finish are not matte which is why they are not as long lasting. In fact they are creamy and such a dream to apply. As you can see, Love Me (left) is a peachy pink shade and Coral Calling is a straight up coral shade. I would say that these lipsticks are semi-opaque because I can still see the scar I have on my lips from a bike fall a year ago.

Unfortunately, I have not came across this lipstick range from Essence at any pharmacies in Malaysia. That is such a pity because Essence really did an excellent job on this specific range. And they all have a creamy consistency which I really adore in a lipstick. They did it right with the formulation as well because it is not overly creamy that they have too much slip and slide on the lips (hint: YSL Rouge Volupte). 

So, if you are ever in parts of Europe which carry Essence Cosmetics in their drugstore (e.g. Germany, the Netherlands, etc.), just go for these lipsticks. They are so affordable, so you might want to get more than one shade. 

Don't you just love these two shades?



  1. Gorgeous colors. I can see myself wearing these on daily basis ;)

  2. Both shades are gorgeous on you! I've used their old lipsticks before and really liked them. They are nice little treats to pick up at the supermarket! We have Essence here in Dubai, I will definitely have a look at these colors!

  3. yes they are..and the texture is very pleasant to wear as well

  4. i love their of the best from the drugstore..i hope they have these shades in Dubai!!


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