Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Laura Mercier Mineral Powder: The Powder that Gives a Glow

My foray into mineral powders was dated back when I was in my university years. Ever since, I have started replacing it with liquid foundations. Until many months ago, I decided to fill that mineral powder void in my makeup base arsenal. If you are wondering what mineral powder is, it is actually a makeup product that is devoid of preservatives, dyes, fragrances, parabens etc. and that, it is actually mineral based. And these minerals are synthesized in the lab to be safe for cosmetic uses. So, that is why mineral makeup is great for sensitive skin and acne-prone skin because they do not contain skin irritants or acne-causing ingredients. And best of all, they only take seconds to apply and blend. I find that mineral powder is the way to go if you are a busy mom or you simply have a busy schedule.
My search for mineral powder foundation got me into finding the Laura Mercier Mineral Powder. I was matched to the shade Rich Vanille which is just right for my skintone. Unlike any conventional powders, the Laura Mercier Mineral Powder gives a natural skin like finish to the skin. It neither look cakey nor flat, which I love. I would describe it as a medium coverage foundation. It manages to even out my skin tone and on good skin days, I can get away with it without any concealer. Unfortunately, that does not happen all day, everyday, but like any other foundations I owned I still need to do a bit of undercover job here and there.
Application is easy breezy. All I need is just a kabuki brush and the rest is history. I can practically do this with my eyes closed. The powder melts into the skin and practically blends itself, so blending the powder is effortless to say the least. Also, the packaging is great for travelling and I even brought it with me to Italy back in May. You simply have to twist the stopper and dispense a little powder onto the lid. Get your brush and twirl it around the lid to distribute the powder evenly throughout the brush. Et voila you simply apply it to you face and you are done!!
Have you ever tried mineral makeup in the past? Do you love it?


  1. One of a loose powder that is in my wishlist! So far haven't found that "holy grail powder to set my makeup other than the benefit agent zero shine one.

  2. You know I LOVE this powder! It's the best! I can't be without it... sounds dramatic but true! :-)
    Have a lovely day Fatimah!

  3. i normally use this as a powder foundation..LM also has this powder called secret brightening powder and i heard it is good for setting your makeup..probably worth checking out

  4. yes i know!!i heard and i read that you raved about it..now i know why.have a fantastic friday Anne!!

  5. i love LM very much! hehe. translucent powder dia sgt awesome.


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