Friday, 10 October 2014

October's Beautylista with Romana and Her Makeup Treasure

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!! Welcome to a new segment that I have just started on my blog. I named it 'Beautylista' and it will feature a personality who will reveal the contents of her beauty bag. A few weeks back, I had an idea to do something more interactive. Let's face it, blogging can be quite lonesome. So, I decided to get out there, meet some new people and discover what's inside their makeup bag. Such fun, right? I have always loved going through someone's makeup bag and now I get to do it in a more professional way. Best of all, I get to share it with my readers. 

Meet Romana, our very first Beautylista, a beautiful former lawyer, a mom, an entrepreneur and most importantly, a beauty aficionado. Seriously, if you want the first spill of beauty news, just stalk or better yet follow her Instagram @mymakeuporganizer. A classy lady with a great taste in makeup. When I first met her, I was happily overwhelmed by her personality. She's warm, very friendly, open, witty and kind. We kept talking and talking, until the following happens. I unloaded her makeup bag (which is her emergency one, FYI) and then, the oohs and aahs ensued. What a treasure, am I right? My eyes are full of stars!!

Here's the juicy details and some makeup tips you do not want to miss:

" I start off using the Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow from home as a primer. As the day goes on, I cleanse my face for prayers and I usually get lazy and just use Wonder Glow without foundation. Gives me just a nice natural glow. Obviously there's no coverage at all but on a good skin day, that's all I need. DiorSkin Star foundation is a new favourite. Most of the time I will set it with my YSL Radiance compact powder (not in photo). There are times I don't need any setting powder at all. I've been loving this a lot.  

Other Stories eye brow pencil is my preferred choice of eye brow pencil. Perfect shade. However, it does not come with a spooley, so I need to carry my own. Topshop lip pencil. Not a favourite at all. Just bought it to try. Chucked it into my makeup bag the other day, and had no choice but to use it as I had no lipsticks. I will not repurchase it. Nars Duo in Dolomites eye shadow was a fairly new purchase. Very easy to use and blend. Perfect for a novice like me. Chanel Le Volume de Chanel mascara is by far the only mascara that I own which gives me perfect eye lashes; as though I'm wearing falsies. The only reason I have not repurchased this is because I need to use up all the other brands I own.

  Charlotte Tilbury's Filmstar Bronze & Glow is also a favourite. I don't really know how to highlight and contour but this one is a very wearable and forgiving product. You can't go wrong and over use it. I'm fair skinned, so, I prefer a very subtle contouring. Cle de Peau concealer was an Instagram enabled purchase. I tried it a few times at the counter and it was good. However, I noticed that it settles into my fine lines and accentuates wrinkles under my eyes. So I apply it further away from under my eyes and not directly under them. It's good for spots and to hide overall redness."

She also shared her personal daily beauty tips to stay looking good throughout the day:
(1) Even if you're indoors, do apply a sun screen.
(2) Be sure to use an eye cream prior to applying concealer. It helps prevent your concealer from creasing. 
(3) Always carry 2 lipsticks in your makeup bag: a light and a darker shade. Just in case you need to touch up your makeup you can play around with changing your lipstick shades.
(4) Apart from makeup remover wipes and cleansing water, I always bring a moisturizer in my makeup bag. Removing my makeup sometimes 3x a day strips off so much that I need to hydrate my skin.
(5) And that's when skincare samples come in handy. Perfect for my makeup bag.

Well, for my first issue of Beautylista I surely had so much fun meeting Romana whilst having a girly chat. I cannot wait to see the next Beautylista. Hmmm, who could it be?

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  1. Oh my! U got to meet Romana in person! How lucky u are. Whenever I see her photo on Instagram, I will have a monolog 'cantiknyaaaa dia ni...'


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