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Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner and Benefit Gimme Brow: A Review

Oh Benefit. The adorable packaging can easily make one says yes to a purchase. Recently, at the Benefit Workshop with Jasmine Tam, a fellow Malaysian YouTuber, I picked myself two Benefit products after eyeing them for quite a while. They are on my to-try list and after a bit of a play with the products I am convinced that they are worth a purchase. At this point on, I have to admit that they are such great tools and heroic makeup saviours for us who struggles to have great brows and precise winged eyeliner application.

Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner

I was intrigued when the Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner first launched. It is actually a gel liner in a twist up pen. I love the idea behind it and I think it is absolutely genius. If I could get rid of one brush, it'd better be a gel eyeliner brush.The Accu Flex tip is designed slanted and quite stiff but flexible for a precise application that will not tug or drag on your lash line. The tip is enclosed by an orange stopper that you will have to throw away after you use it. The lid of the cap is a screw cap, so you can be sure that the product won't dry up if you secure the cap well.
 I found that the angled tip comes in handy when doing a winged eyeliner. At first use you may need around six clicks to deposit the product out but after that first pop of cherry you need only one or two clicks to deposit the product.
First of all, I have to state that it is not a fail-safe product. Like any other product in the market, it takes some getting used to but the learning curve is not steep at all. You will soon learn that it is very makeup-user-friendly. The pen is designed quite ergonomically stubby to hold on when doing an eyeliner. It feels substatial in weight too which contributes to the luxurious feel of the product.
As you can see from the swatches, the colour is a matte black and the gel formulation itself is really saturated, smudge proof, transfer proof and very waterproof. If it is not removed properly, you can still see traces of the eyeliner till the next day. Yes, no kidding!!
 Speaking of removing it, I recommend an oil based, biphased eye makeup remover. Cleansing water or makeup wipes will not work as efective and fast at removing the eyeliner. I find that the Benefit They're Real Remover is the best remover out of all that I have tried. It works with an oil cleanser or a biphase makeup remover, but they smear a little and there are tiny black flakes everywhere on my cheeks. The same goes with cleansing water, only harder to remove and to dissolve the eyeliner. The Benefit They're Real Remover, however, manages to dissolve the eyeliner impeccably well without any traces of black eyeliner smearing or flaking everywhere. The remover has an unconventional formula for an eye makeup remover. It is almost like a cream-gel formula with the ability to remove a very long wearing eyeliner. I honestly think that Benefit is really doing a good job with these products. What a good marketing strategy!!
The eyeliner product claims to be lash hugging. The term is quite confusing but if you ask me, I think it means that the application leaves no skin gap on the lash lines. In other words, it can get really close to the lash lines which I strongly agree. It is really intense, sharp and precise. You can practically get away without tight lining because it looks as if you have tight-lined. Speaking of tight-lining, the Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner can also be used to tightline the inner portion of the eyes.
Unlike, liquid eyeliner, this does not settle and bleed into the the tiny lines or grooves you may have on your lash lines. And, you can rebuild the the lines on top of your first outline easily without losing the first outline. I don't know about you but I always struggle with that with my liquid eyeliner.
With any makeup and makeup tools, practice always makes perfect. With the right tool, it can be a lot easier to practice a winged eyeliner. You will stumble a few times but we will always learn from our mistakes. This is where the Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner comes in. It corrects mistakes faster amd makes your pratice becomes perfected in a short time depending on your exposure to doing a winged eyeliner. A few tips and tricks will help you too. Amelia from Amelia Liana is known for using a cellophane taped on the side of her eyes to get an even application while Jasmine Tam uses the ruler method to achieve the same goal.
I think this is a great eyeliner for someone who is still learning to perfect their eyeliner application. Overall, I think this product is flawless in design and in function.

Benefit Gimme Brow

Moving on to brows. This dinky and cute Benefit Gimme Brow is an instant gratification for my sparse and unruly brows. I have it in the shade medium/deep and there's another lighter shade within the range. The colour matches my brow perfectly too. I have been eyeing this product for so long but never seem to get the push to buy it mainly because I thought it would not make that much of a difference to my brows.
 Man, was I wrong. It made all the difference in the world. It perks them up, give them volume, fill in the bald spots and give them a long lasting results. I love the natural, non crispy finish that it gives. The brush is also really tiny for better control during application.
The main purpose of the Benefit Gimme Brow is to give volume to the brows. It is a brush on fiber gel that adheres to the skin and hairs for fuller looking brows. However, I do find that it holds my brows in place as well which is a good bonus. On its own, it does not provide definition to the brows but that is where eyebrow pencil does its job. Paired together with an eyebrow pencil, you'll be sure to rock Cara D's iconic brows. #wowbrow
All in all, I do feel that Benefit Gimme Brow will mostly benefit those with naturally sparse eyebrow. It is also great of you have naturally thick brows and you don't bother about filling them in, then you can just use this on its own for a little volume, hold and defintion. However, be warned because the difference/changes may not be as dramatic
I think I have said it all and  Benefit has done a great job with these two products. They have become must-haves for me. In my book, they are the star products from Benefit that everybody should have in their makeup arsenal.
Have you tried them too? Let me know what you think by commenting below.


  1. tried the gel liner bfore kat benefit's counter. looks interestng but i still have a few eyeliner in queue utk dihabiskan.. hahaha..

  2. Farisha Nadia (Nala)13 November 2014 at 15:39

    Oh wow, that wing liner looks stunning! Nicely done! Thinking of getting it haha


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