Monday, 17 November 2014

Brow Options: Which One Should You Choose?

There are so many brow products in the market. And lately there is even brow pommade added to the mix. Yes, it is always nice to have other options but it can be quite confusing or maybe a little too overwhelming to choose one. When it comes down to it, would you choose just one or all of them? Well, being a little into brows since as long as I can remember, I have tried quite a few and formed my thoughts about them.

Powder: Go for an eyebrow powder for the most natural and subtly filled in and defined eyebrows. With powder, it is really hard to go overboard because of its powdery texture. You need an angled brush e.g M.A.C #208. However, some brow kit already comes with a nifty angled brow brush that is really good like the Urban Decay Brow Box, Elf Eyebrow Kit, Gosh Cosmetics Brow Kit, Catrice Brow Set and Sleek Brow Kit. You can also choose an ashy eyeshadow that suits your brow hair to start with. My personal favourite has got to be the Gosh Cosmetics Brow Kit in 001 because it comes with not two but three shades and a wax to set the brows in place. I love mixing and matching the shade together for gradient application; lighter on the start of the brows and darker towards the tail.
Tips: Wet your angled brush with a setting spray or water for more intense colour application.
Downside: It takes practice to work with because of the soft pigmentation and it does take longer than an eyebrow pencil.
Liqiud: Worn here although looking at it now, I seemed to have gone a little heavy handed. Oh well, we all learn form our mistakes right? Formulated not as richly pigmented as an eyeliner to avoid sharpie drawn brows. I found that it is best for filling in sparse and gaps that are normally found in the middle towards the end of the eyebrows. Because they normally comes with an ultra fine tip, it is best for elongating the tail of the brows without it looking too thick. Best of all, you don't need a sharpener so they are easy to maintain. Some liquid eyebrow pens that I know is the Suqqu Eyebrow Pen and the Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner in Soft Brown (not actually an eyebrow pen but it is a cool tone, softly pigmented brown shade that is perfect for the brows)
Tips: Draw a fine hair like stroke and ALWAYS brush with a spooley afterwards for a uniform, blended and diffused look.
Downside: You could go overboard with the application.  
Pencil: The most convenient go-to eyebrow product for most of us, I suppose. They come in all sorts of shapes; the tradiotional pencil; Catrice Eyebrow Stylist and Maybelline Crayon Brow, the twist up that comes with a tiny nib; M.A.C Brow Pencil and Anastasia Brow Wiz and a twist up with a triangular nib; Hourglass Arch Brow and Tony Moly Auto Eyebrow Pen. They normally come with a variety of shades to suit hair colours and they are normally waxy in texture to adhere better to the brow hairs and to stay on longer. Traditional pencils do require sharpening up while the twist ups dó not require extra maintenance. Personally I love all of them the same. Although, I do find that the the tiny nib helps to get in there for definition and the triangular nib is excellent for a swish application. The triangular nib also helps to easily defined the front region of the brows.
Tips: Always be light handed when it comes to the application. Go even more light handed in the first half section of the brows, so the front looks a little faded.
Downside: I cannot think of one.

Brow Mascara: To be honest, I have not gotten around the idea until recently. I have worn a brow mascara in the past but it did not wow me to warrant a blog post. However, I have fallen in love with Benefit Gimme Brow, full review here. It is great at filling in the sparse area while giving it hold to stay in place. It cannot provide definition on its own but it is such a great product to finish your eyebrow filling job. I would suggest a coloured brow mascara for those with sparse eyebrows and clear brow mascara if you are already blessed with a set of lush brows.
Tips: Choose a brow mascara with a small brush for more precise application.
Downside: Brows could look crispy, so choose your product wisely.

All in all there is just one rule for all of them. Moderation is always key when it comes to filling in your brows. If you and I had to choose just one, I would go for my eyebrow pencil. Of course, I cannot just choose one because I like to have my options. Otherwise, there wouldn't be this post now would it?

 I hope you find this post helpful and thank you for reading.


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