Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Lancome Lip Lovers: Rose Attrape Couer, Orange Manège and Framboise Etoile

I have not properly blogged about the Lancome Lip Lovers in the past and what do you know, I have added two more shades to my collection. If you are still wondering, yes, they are my favourite formula for the lipstick, lipgloss and balm hybrid in the market. Gone are the days of applying three lip products at once. I tried others. but the Lancome Lip Lovers are up there on my list. Although, I have to say that I am anticipating to try the new Chanel Rouge Allure Glosses. Till then, I am going to savour the moment with these Lancome Lip Lovers.

I love the formulation because it is richly pigmented, not sticky at the slightest and considerably long wearing and it does not dry up my lips at all. It wears for 6 hours on my lips with eating and drinking while  leaving a stain behind on the lips. As they wear, they lose their glossinness The bolder shades have more long lasting properties. Most importantly, they feel very lighweight on the lip and really comfortable to wear. What I love more about the formula is it is buildable for more shine and colour. It is already pigmneted and rich at one stroke but if you want a more intense and glossier look, you can go for a second layer and it won't feel thick or gooey on the lips.
Bottom to top: Lancome Lip Lover 316 Rose Attrape Couer, 355 Framboise Etoile and 336 Orange Manege
 Another thing I love about the product is its applicator which is quite medium sized so, you will never get lip product outside of the lip line. This is perfect for women with thin lips who may find it a struggle with big lip gloss applicator. The applicator also comes to pointy point at the end for the side of the lips.
I talked in the past that the Lancome Lip Lovers and the Maybelline Lip Polish are dupes of each other. However, Lancome Lip Lover has more shade offerings and their applicator is much more precise than the Maybelline counterpart. Lancome Lip Lover also feels more lightweight on the lips.
I believe there are 18 shades in the lineup so the shade range will have something for everyone. There are some neutrals, medium range and bold, bright shades as well. I have with me the shades 316 Rose Attrape Couer a peachy pink, 336 Orange Manege, a peachy salmon colour and 355 Framboise Etoile, a pinky red. 
 All of these shades are consistent in formulation. I can't pick a favourite shade because I love them all but the shade that gets the most wear is 316 Rose Attrappe Couer.
Have you tried the Lancome Lip Lover? What shade do you have your eye on?

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