Thursday, 6 November 2014

Reds On Fire: NARS Audacious Lipstick in Grace and Givenchy Le Rouge in Rouge Egerie

When it comes to red lipsticks, there is one thing that I like. They have to be at the bright side of things. Not neon but bright enough to illuminate my skin tone. Over the years I have come to learn that dark lipsticks tend to make my skin look dull and sallow. So, I know better to not choose one.

On my recent trip Sephora and NARS Pavilion with Romana and my fellow blogger friend Jannah from Fleur Notes, I found these two gems; NARS Audacious Lipstick in Grace and Givenchy Le Rouge in Rouge Egerie. They are both very bright with warm undertones. However, you can see a slight difference in their tones when you put the two together.

The NARS Audacious Lipstick in Grace is a coral red but appears pinker and brighter besides Givenchy Le Rouge in Rouge Egerie. Rouge Egerie is also a coral red but it appears more coral alongside Grace.

The NARS Audacious Lipstick in Grace is semi matte in finish with a full colour coverage. One swipe on the lips deliver opacity. It is super pigmented and can feel a little drying after a few hours of wear. I do not detect any scent from the lipstick.

Rouge Egerie, on the other hand is more satin and luminous in finish. It reminds me of my favourite Guerlain Rouge Gs texture-wise. It is very comfortable to apply while getting a full colour payoff on the lips. Plus it sits comfortably on the lips too. If you are into "comfortable to wear" red lipsticks then look no further than Givenchy Le Rouge or Guerlain Rouge Gs for that matter. I detect a hint of scent but once on the lips you can hardly smell it.
L-R: NARS Audacious Lipstick in Grace and Givenchy Le Rouge in Rouge Egerie

Both shades apply smoothly and evenly on the lips. I am also pleased to report that both shades do not accentuate the lines or setlle into the lines. However, if have naturally dry lips, exfoliation with a lip scrub is recommended for a smoother application.

NARS AUdacious Lipstick in Grace
I am impressed with the long wearing properties of both lipsticks. NARS Grace wears longer than Rouge Egerie which probably due to the NARS' semi matte texture.

Givenchy Le Rouge in 305 Rouge Egerie
Overall, I am so happy to discover these red lipsticks. They are just my kind of reds.
What's yours?


  1. Beautiful shades! I got 'Grace' yesterday as you've seen on Instagram! I love it! I think I've finally found my perfect red... at 33, LOL! #WasAboutTime :-)
    I'm in love with the formula of the audacious lipsticks... That Givenchy looks so nice and vibrant on you! The packaging is absolutely beautiful too!

  2. Yes, NARS Grace was my love at first sight, LOL!! Oh i tried Annabella the day I was at NARS with Jannah..I was deciding between Grace and Annabella actually..Annabella is gorgeous too!! but I figured I already have an orangey tone red, so that's why I went for you said, Grace feels so 'me'..

  3. Yeay!! I think you will like it because I know you love your corals so much..add a coral red to the mix, and you found your perfect red lipstick!! The formula is amazing..I am on the hunt for some daytime shades .. i have natalie, julie, and juliette in mind..have a nice friday Anne! xx

  4. Yess!! you probably know by now that I am head over heels on Grace..You should go and try it too!! Have a nice day!! xx

  5. Awwww i love both! Givenchy is more of a pin-up style while NARS has a pink undertone which anyone can rock with gradient lips :)

  6. Kakak! I m planning to get Grace. But NARS Audacious ni permanent ke tak? :(

  7. permanent..jgn risau, they go in and out of stock kdg2 especially with the wearable shades..x sabar tunggu hari itu!!

  8. Okie definitely need your say when I'm TOO blinded by the varieties. Hukhukhuk! Ni buat stash clearance sale sebab nak beli sk-ii bagai. GAHHHH! Hidup seorang budak poket kering. :p

  9. Kakak kenapa menggoda sangat warna merahnya tu!


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