Friday, 21 November 2014

Salad Atelier: Kuala Lumpur's Best Salad Place

Eating clean and healthy is actually easier said than done. It takes encouragement, relentless effort and time for the body to get used to the new healthy elements. It gets harder when we are out and about looking for a healthy place to eat. Trust me, I struggle with it too. It was just hard to stay consistent but hey, we have to start somewhere. What I am saying is, it is always hard to break that vicious circle of eating a less healthy or an unhealthy meal when we are out. Added to it, cafes and bistros that sell healthy and fresh food are very hard to find in Kuala Lumpur.

 I, for one love taking light, nutritious and quick lunches. I also need them to be slow-releasing so I am not hit by hunger pangs just after 1 hour of having a meal. I don't like spending a lot of my time eating especially when I am at work/studying. It is all because I do not want to feel sluggish or sleepy after such a heavy meal that it hampers my productivity.
 I love making my own salads and if you have been a long time Instagram follower of mine, you would know that I have made all kinds of salads in the past and present. And recently, I had a serious hankering for good salads.So, I googled it and found a place called Salad Atelier right here in Kuala Lumpur. To my dismay, there are not many salad places in the city of Kuala Lumpur. Salad Atelier, I think, may be the one to start it all.
So, I went there, just after lunch hour to sample their foods. The menu was really extensive, fully packed with a lot of fresh ingredients. You can customize your own salads, and you have 19 dressings to choose for your salads. They say, 'Every Bowl is a Personal Masterpiece'.
I could not beg to differ. My salad was a real masterpiece indeed. It was scrumptiously fresh and delicious, just how I love it but way more delicious. It had avacado, edamame, mixed oak leaves, radicchio, arugula, carrots, cherry tomatoes, boiled eggs, alfalfa sprouts, roasted beef and some nachos for that added crunch. The avacado is just so creamy and delightful which surprises me because I was never a fan of avacodos but I think I love them now after that bowl of salad.
I was given three dressings to try;a sesame dressing, a french dressing and an avacado and wasabi dressing. My favourite was the sesame dreesing because it appeals more to my Asian palate. Second was the french dressing followed by the avacado and wasabi dressing.
The price range is good as well for what you get. Think about it this way, healthy food is an investment for your body, health and well being. So, you get more in return. They do offer deals via Groupon if you are keen to get more value for your money.
Best of all, they do deliver too via foodpanda. What better way to have healthy food delivered to you, right? They don't just serve salads but they do sandwiches and smoothie as well.
I highly recommend Salad Atelier if you are trying to start to eat healthy or simply looking for a healthier lunch option. If you are around KL you can find Salad Atelier and The Weld off Jalan Raja Chulan and The Intermark off Jalan Tun Razak.
From a view of a beauty blogger, I think eating healthy is something that we shoud start sooner. After all, beauty is all encompassing; it's what we eat, how we carry ourselves and how we take care of ourselves and loving it.

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