Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Spritz Spritz Away!!

Today we will be talking about facial sprays and what different functions they serve. To me, facial sprays are a godsend. I likened them to having a beauty quickie in a spritz. Unlike facial masks which can take minutes to work, facial sprays do their jobs in seconds. Some even lingers and set on the skin to continue delivering their functions. Over the months, I have accumulated a few and used them religiously in my makeup and skincare routines. And my skin may have been loving them too much.

The Skin Soother:  The La Roche Posay Serozinc is what I have been using as a toner after cleansing my face in the morning. I noticed that my skin is more balanced, calm and soothed. It is specifically targeted for oily problematic skins but I think it is great for all skin types since it is actually a mineral based facial water. I know Lily from Lily Pebbles uses this too and she has dry skin. 

The Instant Refresher: Where do I start with Caudalie Beauty Elixir? It had a serious cult followers back then and I believe it still does. This is actually my second bottle of it. My first bottle was the bigger version of this. I bought the mini version because I was travelling a lot and I wanted an instant pick me up when I feel like I need it. It normally happens in the middle of the day when my skin is looking a little sallow and tired. That is when this comes in. I found that it energizes and invigorates my skin at the same time. Plus, the fresh scent will awakens you too!!

The Skin Plumper: The Chanel Hydra Beauty Essence Mist is hydration in a spray!! I am so glad that I discovered this. Since I am a mother, I need something super fast and simple but most importantly it delivers the results. This product ticks all of the boxes. I always bring this with me everytime I am traveling in an airplane because the cabin air can drain the life out of my skin. A few spritzes of this will protect my skin from drying out. I simply leave it on to penetrate deeper into my bare skin. The result? Hydrated, plumper and radiant looking skin upon landing. This can also be a great alternative for facial masks. 

The Makeup Saviour: I have tried quite a few makeup setting sprays in the past but there is something about the Victoria's Secret Prime and Set Makeup Spray that I find amazing. I was skeptical after seeing how a clear water like substance could prolong the lifetime of my makeup but my optimism won me over. I bought it, tried it in the store and I saw and feel the magic happens before my very eyes. It feels weird to say this but I can actually feel the product SEALING the makeup that is on my face. It acts exactly like a nail varnish top coat would if you ask me.  Best of all, my makeup manages to stay put in the right places and still looks decent (considering the environmental factors and your natural oils degrading your makeup) until the moment I take it off. I also found that I will blot my face less when I use this. 

I think I may have abused the word 'spritz' in this post but do you spritz too?


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