Monday, 12 January 2015

Making a Change

'Here's the thing. There are going to be some changes on the blog. For over a year, I have been blogging mostly about beauty (makeup and skincare) for the most part and occassionally on fashion and health. As much as I love blogging about beauty products and the likes, I would like to spice things up this year. Nothing major, but it is going to be something that is the most substantial to beauty. We all know this; that beauty is more than skin deep. Beauty is not just about cosmetics or expensive and revolutionary skincare you put on your skin. They are merely topical. It is about how we feel, how we live, how we eat or what we eat, how we carry ourselves, and plenty more. Most importantly, feeling beautiful on the inside and treating ourselves and our body to receive only the beautiful things will make us feel even prettier. The changes I am making for this blog, is a change that I want to see and impose on myself too. Publishing it on my personal space just means that the ritual of putting what I wish for on paper (virtual paper) is done. Ever heard of a saying, if you want to get things done, write it on a piece of paper? Yup, that is how a to-do-list is invented. So here's my main to-do-list for 2015:
1. Beauty remains: There will always be beauty-related posts. However, in 2015 I wish to be more cautious with my beauty spending which I think I have managed quite well in 2014. It is always about quality not quantity.
2. No more Friday's Face: You might get the gist that I am going to have a hollistic approach towards beauty from now on. There will of course be a FOTD post here and there but nothing routine. Instead, there will be a series called Beautiful Food with hope to share and to help us eat the best.
3. Fitness: I have always been passionate about fitness, so, I thought I am going to write posts to share my own experience. I used to go to the gym 3-4 times a week and run a few kilometers a week. I love and am passionate about working out. And now, I am preparing for my second marathon, I need to train and eat properly. No worries, you will see more of that later.
4. Encouraging post: I know we become who we are today by overcoming our hurdles from the past. Since beauty is also about feeling good and positive on  the inside, I thought of sharing things that are beautiful that we see around us; that no matter, how bad thing is, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.
Albeit the fact that it all sounds so ambitious, I think you will see more layers of Fatimah in the days to come. And with that, I hope I will be getting to know you better too.
What do you think about the changes?


  1. I cant wait to see and read the new posts, all the best kakak ^_^

  2. Looking forward to the new changes!

  3. Looking forward to the new changes kak! :D

  4. Thank you mieza for such an encouraging words

  5. I am too. already planning an inventing new posts


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