Friday, 16 January 2015

Zoeva Naturally Yours Palette Takes You From Day To Night

I am never bored of neutrals. The colours are so enticing, alluring and mysterious. Turns out, they really are like a box of chocolates. I was looking around for the next eyeshadow palette to fall prey to my hands. As I was hunting around, my heart was set on the Zoeva Naturally Yours palette. I don't know about you but I like my neutral eyeshadow palette to have mostly warm browns, taupe and just a few skin colored beiges and nudes. I do not like it to have any wild card shade like blues or lilacs. That's just me. I just like things to be paired and consolidated perfectly. For the price, Zoeva Naturally Yours palette surpass other drugstore palettes. Their powders are formulated without Paraben, Mineral Oil. Phtalates and fragrance. The powders are also made in Italy, which only means quality as high as other high end powder prodcuts. If you look around, most high end powder products are made in Italy.
 The Zoeva Naturally Yours palette boasts ten neutral shades with 5 matte shades and 5 satin shades. The satin shades have just a moderate amount of shimmers that makes them great for an everyday or official wear. All of the shades swatched evenly except for Timeless Chic (a matte black) The mattes are exceptionally great. They are buttery, smooth and not powdery. I do want to state that in general, the top row is more sheer and thinner in pigentation than the second row. I feel like it Zoeva intended to be that way to suit both light smokey eye and more dramatic smokey eye.
Pure: a matte greyish beige
Smooth and Sexy: a matte medium tone brown (gret for transitional crease shade)
Smooth Harmony: a satin taupe bronze
Forever Yours: a satin true bronze with blue micro shimmer running through
Slow Dance: a matte reddish brown
First Love: a matte white
Casual Elegance: a satin golden beige (it translates more yellowish gold on my lids)
Sweet Sound: a satin warm medium brown
Lovely Monday: a satin chestnut shade
Timeless Chic: a matte black
As you can see from the hand swatches, the top row of eyeshadows do not pack as much pigment as the bottom half.
Wearing Pure, Smooth and Sexy, Smooth Harmony, Forever Yours and Slow Dance
Top Half: It translates equally well on the lids as well. You can see how sheer the shades from the top row applied on my lids. You can actually tell from the hand swatch alone. Only, on the eyes, it is even harder to show up. I tried packing it on with a wet brush but it was to no avail. These eyeshadows are clearly not meant to be used wet. I would say the top row will be more suited for a daytime soft smokey look.
Wearing Casual Elegance, Sweet Sound, Lovely Monday and Timeless Chic
Bottom Half: The second row shades, however, apply more true to the pan except for Casual Elegance which applies more yellowish golden on the lids. In general, they are more saturated with pigments.
All of the shades are easily blendable and a pleasure to work with. Even better, they do not settle into the crease even without an eyeshadow primer or base. The vibrancy of the shade are preserved with and without an eyeshadow primer. In both photos I was only wearing an eyeshadow base on my right eyelid and I do not see any diffrence at all. They are incredibly long lasting too.
I do feel that the Zoeva Naturally Yours palette is great because they are relatively easy to work with. My only complaint would be on the sheerness of the top row shade. I just wish that it can be improved because the shades are gorgeous. I believe Zoeva has a few other eyeshadow palettes. You might want to look here for reference.
Which palette(s) do you fancy?

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