Friday, 24 July 2015

The Drugstore Nudes

A little trip to the drugstore recently and I have found myself quite a few knick knacks that I am rather impressed by mainly from Maybelline and Essence. Since I am on a nude kick lately, I keep searching for things to satisfy my nude cravings. I have to say, the drugstore is somewhat ill-equipped with nude tones makeup. There's just a few that make the cut and they are all in this post. A little hint, you might want to read this post till the last paragraph because you are in for a good treat or a good dupe rather. 

First Row Swatch
 The first that piqued my interest was the Maybelline The Nudes Palette. The shades in this palette were designed so it can be utilized as 6 eyeshadow duos and 3 eyeshadow quads which I think is ingenious. It must be quite mind boggling to design this palette. It was substantially discounted, so I jumped at the opportunity after liberating that it does swatch quite good for drugstore price and quality. I was impressed with how the matte shades transfer. I did see some shades that are almost similar (you can probably see it form the swatches). One thing I hate was how the black shade applied patchily and rather chalky but who needs a black in an eyeshadow palette anyway, eh? 

Second Row Swatch
 My eyes are drawn to the middle quad and that was the quad that I was using in the fotd below. Now, let's talk about performance and quality. The eyeshadows are not as smooth, as buttery or as intensely pigmented as say, M.A.C eyeshadows. The quality of the shadows are not of high end quality but the colour selection are quite sophisticated. The shades definitely need a little building up on the lids to get the true colour. This can be a bad thing or a good thing for some.  I also find that it helps to layer an eyeshadow primer underneath first to make the colour stays and transfers on the eyelids evenly. On the upside, I think you can definitely work with the eyeshadows and they are rather easy to blend out too. I would say that it is a good palette if you are on a budget. I think it is still currently on 30% off sale at Watsons. So, hurry if you are considering to buy one.

Left: Maybelline Water Shine Lipstick in B23 | Right: Maybelline Water Shine Lipstick in BM 31
 Now, onto the fun bit. You know I love lipsticks. The Maybelline display at Watsons was having a 2 for 1 offer on most of their lipstick range and being quite new to Maybelline lipsticks, I thought to give them a try. And I was impressed with the Water Shine Range in particular and surprise surprise, I got two nude shades that are hardly discernible to each other. You know, same same but different. I wore both of them mixed together below and aren't they gorgeous? They feel so lovely on the lips and they remind me a lot of my favourite Chanel Rouge Coco Shines minus the scent. I totally adore the Water Shine formulation. If you love sheer, buildable lipstick then, this is an option for you. They are moisturising and pleasant on the lips too. 

Maybelline The Nudes palette on the eyes and Maybelline Water Shine Lipsticks on the lips (refer to top for the shade names)

Shown here: Maybelline Water Shine Lipsticks in B23 and BM 31, Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in 235 Warm Me Up, Essence Long Lasting Lipliner in 05 Lovely Frappucino, Essence Lip Liner in In The Nude and Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Nude-ist

And then, I found another shade of nude from the  Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick range in 235 Warm Me Up, muted rosy nude. The colour is on point. The formula is not my top favourite, at least it never is from my past experiences. I just find that it is a little drying on the lips and it emphasizes the texture of my lips. Plus it has this deceiving fine micro shimmer which I hate in a lipstick. I say deceiving because the shimmers are not noticeable at all like say, MAC Viva Glam V but if you look really close it is minimally frosty. I know most people really love the Maybelline Colorsensational lipsticks so I recommend this shade for you to try because it is a great everyday shade and it lasts slightly longer than the Water Shine formulation. In conclusion, I love the shade, just not the formulation. 

Left: Essence Lipliner in In The Nude | Right: Essence Long Lasting Lipliner in Lovely Frappucino
I have also been hearing buzzes about the Essence lipliners. The first lipliner that I found is the Essence Long Lasting Lipliner in 05 Lovely Frappucino. I believe it is quite new to Malaysia because I have never heard anyone talking about it yet. When I first swatch this on the back of my hand, I straight away thought of MAC lip pencil in Soar. I have seen a lot of the swatches online and Lovely Frappucino looks unmistakably like one. Several online research later, my suspicion was confirmed. So many bloggers have compared the two and they are indeed dupes for each other. Some even compared it to MAC Faux but after trying Faux, I don't think they are quite similar. I know we cannot get MAC Soar in Malaysia, so if you are looking for one, look no further than Essence Long Lasting Lipliner in Lovely Frappucino. I love pairing Lovely Frappucino with Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Nude-ist for that Kylie Jenner 90s lip look. The combo makes the lip colour lasts longer and more matte. Even better, this comes in an automated twist up pencil with a sharpener at the other end of the pencil. 

The second shade I picked up is the Essence Lipliner in In the Nude, a lovely pinky-beige nude. that is great to pair under any lipsticks. Paired with Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick in 235 Warm Me Up, this gives a much cooler, less frosty facade to the lip colour. I am loving this combo at the moment. You see, there is really quite a lot a lipliner alone can do. My next target would be the Marc Jacobs Poutliner because I love the texture of the lip pencil. Maybe that is why they are always sold out at Sephora. I will make do for now with what I have. 

I hope you enjoy reading this. Do drop a comment below and tell me your favourite nude lip products. I would love to know!!


  1. Actually Essence has been around in Malaysia since 2013 and their pencil lipliners have been a part of their line since then. But the twist up lipliners have are new. They are pretty underrated and that's why very few bloggers mention them. Their lipliners are probably the best of their products!

    Nice content you have here! I am following you on bloglovin!!!

  2. always wanted to try Essence tapi dia punya makeup counter normally macam dilanda tsunami. bsepah! and some of the product already spoiled.. :(

  3. Try Mydin... Kat Mydin ada petugas yang handle barang-barang cosmetic yang berjenama...

  4. You can try to have a look at Artdeco lipliners available at Sasa...they have great texture and Lasting power and have some pretty nude shade choices..akk baru je swatch them td..seriously worth a try

  5. Thank you...sending you some hearts back..Cuba try tgk artdeco punya lip liner gak..byk nude shades dia..ade kt salsa..very long lasting gak..oh kaler primrose sgt cantik..honey bun pun cantik..x faham knp selalu sold out

  6. I know, but I have only discovered their lip liners..since it is the trend now, so I thought I would do some research on it.hehe..thank you..that is always lovely to hear from a reader..I am really working hard to produce an original content of my own..lemme know what you would like to see more from me..and thank you for following

  7. Or if that is the case, kalu pegi anywhere outside KL yg ade Watsons lg better..biasanye the display is pristine lg..

  8. You're welcome! I will definitely give suggestions for future posts for sure! Keep up the good job!


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