Thursday, 30 July 2015

To Depilate or To Wax? That Is The Question.

You heard that right. We are talking hair today, specifically body hair. Fun, isn't it? (I know you are probably making faces right now, but hear me out). From the title, you may notice that shaving is not an option here. We are all adults here, so a little TMI won't be a big deal. Am I right? It goes without saying that Beauty is pain in my ..... Ok, let's get straight to the point of this post that is which method I think is better. Here's the nitty gritty.


Let me start by saying that our pain-o-meter is personal. Everyone perceives and tolerates pain differently than others. As for me, I have been trained since puberty to pluck my own armpit hair and may I add with my bare hands, not a tweezer because that's how it made sense to me. At the time, a shaver was not a part of my hair removal routine at all. The problem with that method is I have to wait until the hairs are long enough to be plucked. That routine went on for several years until the time I discovered a shaver when I started living in a college dormitory. God knows, nobody wants to see me plucking armpit hair. Shaving was great until it was not although I still kept at it because it was quick and easy. Then, in my early twenties, I discovered waxing. I brought the kit home and I get my mom involved too. My mom would help me to wax my underarm and then I would wax my legs afterwards. I found waxing was a little high maintenance for a student on a strict budget like myself, so I reserved waxing for special occasions only e.g. for my wedding and such. Later on, when I had the chance to study in Europe, I discovered a hair removal device called an epilator. I bought it after justifying and weighing the pros and the cons I may encounter with this product. The pros outweigh the cons and I really highly recommend the one from Braun Silk Epil range. I have had this epilator you see in the picture for 6 years now and it still performs just as good as when I first bought it. I believe now they have extended the range quite extensively by bringing a cordless option for you to use in the comfort of your own bathroom wet or dry. After trying it on my legs for the first time, I remember that I went on Facebook saying how much better depilating is compared to waxing. But, is it still so several years down the line? I have become a mother now, so, I rarely have a down time for myself as much anymore. Therefore, I tend to compromise when it comes to hair removal and this epilator has been hiding at the back of my drawer. I went back to shaving again until I picked up my epilator again recently. Finally, I am here to report back.

Waxing v/s Depilating The Legs

- Pain: I have to say that waxing hurts so much more than depilating. I was breezing through the process and I may have enjoyed it too. Bizarre, I know. The legs is probably the least sensitive place on your body and the hair is much finer and not so deeply rooted as our armpit and pubic hair. Unless you have a coarser hair on your legs depilating may sting just a little bit more but I heard you will get used to it after 3 uses by which you will experience lesser pain.

- Time: I find depilating takes just slightly longer than waxing did but it yielded the same results as waxing. However, waxing is messier and require a little more effort afterwards; i.e: wiping off the residual wax left after the process etc. Sometimes, I find it troublesome.

- Precision: Depilating can get to all the curves and crevices of my legs with ease. Waxing can't do that and sometimes I ended up wasting a strip just to get off a small patch of hair.

- Cost-effective: Other than my electricity bill which it does not consume a lot at all, depilating is a one time investment that I have to make. It is certainly cost effective over time and saves me a lot of money than getting my legs waxed professionally or buying a strip wax or waxing kit from the drugstore. You may think otherwise, but it is just a matter of my own personal opinion.

Depilating wins by a mile. From now on, I am going to utilize my epilator to its full potential.

Waxing v/s Depilating The Underarm

- Pain: Both were painful but waxing my underarm was way more intense. I bled more and there was more pulling o the skin. Due to the convoluted surface of the underarm, it is hard for me to wax every single bit of hair off, so I have to go over the same area again which is unpleasant. Depilating my underarm was definitely more painful than depilating my legs because the hairs are more coarse and the roots are deeper. Word of warning, you have to pull your skin taut to prevent the epilator from pulling your skin. I can do it alone without a second person's involvement. I pulled my skin taut with one hand (the hand that is connected to the underarm that I am about to depilate) and held the epilator on the other. I had to bend my hand and my head slightly to see the hairs but if you have a mirror, that would help tremendously. You also need to keep the area dry and clean. A baby powder may help.

- Time: Due to the small area coverage, I find that depilating takes shorter time to be done. The fact that you can do it alone saves another person's time too. And not having to go over an area several times saves yours. That, my friend is time productively spent. Depilating only requires a different angle of attack due to the hair that grows in different direction while waxing requires a new strip placed differently to pull the hair. 
- Precision: Do I need to say more? 

- Cost-efective: For such a small area, I think I don't even need to waste two strips of wax for both underarms. A box of waxing strip does not come cheap nowadays too. I think I paid around RM 30 for 20 strips. If you do the math, it goes without saying that depilating is more cost effective over time. Unless you shave, then that would be more cost effective but that is like comparing oil and water. They are different and yield different results and effects. Your best bet will be plucking those hairs. That costs close to nothing.

Again depilating wins!! Yeay to depilating the pits!!

I may sound biased here just because I have an epilator already. I think if you are a hardcore hair removal enthusiast like me who finds satisfaction and great accomplishment from removing bodily hair, you may understand my stance. I think it is such a worthy and useful investment that you only have to make once. You never need to change the heads every 2 or 3 months like the Clarisonic (unless it is defective) or run to the drugstore every month to buy a new strip wax. An epilator, on the other hand, will always be at your disposal. To be fair, I still find that waxing is better reserved for the bikini area. If you are dissatisfied with your current hair removal routine, then depilating is an option for you to try. You just have to do it every 4-6 weeks unlike shaving every other day that demands higher maintenance with just mediocre and more temporary results. 

So, now, you decide. Would you give depilating with an epilator a chance?

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