Thursday, 20 August 2015

Bitten by "The M.A.C Bug" Haul and Swatches

Blame it all on me because I have been M.A.C!! I almost never ever go there to shop because I have never been a M.A.C girl who rushes to get her hands on everything M.A.C limited edition stuffs. What you see here is how the table has turned, hitting me on my face. Guess what, lately, I have been finding a few things that caught my eyes. Now, I totally get M.A.C. Several YouTube videos and never ending swatches later, I made up my mind to what is the biggest M.A.C haul in my entire existence.  P.S. Did you know that M.A.C is having a free shipping promo now till 23rd August? And I just saw that they have restocked the coveted Velvet Teddy lipstick. You are welcome.

I did my research before buying each of the product so, this haul was carefully planned, thought out  and should I say curated to my current needs (read: wants). I added an eyeshadow palette, 3 lipsticks and a highlighting brush on concealer from the Prep+Prime range. They are several M.A.C things that have been on my radar for so long, but these made the shortlist after trying it out on me at the M.A.C store.

1. M.AC Modesty (Cremesheen): Can you blame me for falling in love with another nude? Modesty is such a beautiful pinky nude that flatters my skintone. This is actually my first Cremesheen finish lipstick from M.A.C and I really love it. I think I prefer Cremesheen over Lustre finishes just because it packs more pigment and feels creamier on the lips. They meld on the lips a lot better than Lustres do too.

2. M.A.C Mehr (Matte): Another justified purchase from the Land of the Queen thanks to my friend, Romana who helped me to purchase it. I am certainly not regretting the purchase. It was a close contest with Velvet Teddy but after thoughtful deliberation I thought Velvet Teddy did not suit me at all. So, Mehr it is. Best decision ever made for the best lipstick ever!!

3. M.A.C Kinda Sexy (Matte): This one is rather hard to describe the shade. According to M.A.C, it is a neutral pinky rose but I think it has a little peachy undertone to it. For me, it is such a complex shade that will flatter a blue or khaki smokey eye smokey eye. I just love Kinda Sexy and this shade has been sitting in my M.A.C wishlist for quite a long time. Stay tuned for more of Kinda Sexy later.

4. The Burgundy Times Nine palette: I have been wanting to make my own M.A.C custom quad but I never got around to it. Besides, I don't really have a knack for it. The Burgundy Times Nine is just me in a palette. Give me burgundy, plums, purples in a palette and I will put it in my shopping basket in a second. 

5. M.A.C Prep and Prime Highlighting Concealer in Bright Forecast: I wanted a portable highlighting concealer for my undereye ares and this one from M.A.C is perfect. I would like to use it after I have tone correct my dark circles with my Bobbi Brown Corrector in Peach and go with this on top for more brightness. It provides a sheer wash of brightness without looking too obvious because is very close to my skin colour. The peach undertone is just right on my yellow toned skin. I also love that it uses on the skin without leaving crease marks.

Wewring M.A.C lipstick in Modesty

Wearing M.A.C Lipstick in Mehr
Overall, I am super pleased with this haul as I love each and every item I got in this haul. IT is time to spend some time playing with them. I cannot wait to dig my hands into the eyeshadow palette!!

What have you been lusting after from M.A.C?

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