Monday, 17 August 2015

My Little Experiment with Contouring

I love trying something new. I feel like it keeps things fresh and alive, don't we all need that? Something to look forward to every time I do my makeup. Yes, it's an extra step but it's not for nothing. There's just so many makeup launches nowadays and I'd say the Marc Jacobs Instamarc in Mirage Filter made my eyes pop and it certainly stood out to me. For someone who utilises makeup for her own use, this sculpting and highlighting duo will fill just the void that I feel is missing in my makeup arsenal. 

It is such a big and hefty compact and probably not one suited for travelling (more on that in upcoming post) so, this one will stay safely in my makeup drawer for when I am home bound. The Mirage suited my light-medium skin tone the best. The highlighting powder are yellow toned. The best part is the powders are both matte. The highlighting powder is great for highlighting along the nose bridge and on the triangles under the eyes sans shimmer. If you are into subtle highlighting without the obnoxious disco ball effect, then this number from Marc Jacobs is perfect for you. A lot of sculpting and highlighting duos came with with a shimmery highlight which is why the Marc Jacobs Instamarc really stands out from the others. I mean we all have a separate shimmery individual highlighter in our stash, why do we really need the same kind in a duo kit anyway, right?

The powders are so finely milled, creamy, not dusty at all, easy to blend, nicely pigmented and buildable for increased intensity. As you can see from the photos the kind of result that this gives is really subtle which is just my kind of thing. Depending on how much is applied, I feel like you are not going to be overboard with it. That is Mr. Marc Jacobs for you. It turns out he really knows his makeup. The powder just blends and became one with the skin, hardly detectable. The sculpting shade really creates that shadow and dimension where you want your contour to be. 
From my little experiment, I can say that I am happy with my nose sculpting and highlighting although the cheeks sculpting needs a little more tweaking and practice. This is what I love when trying new things. You get to learn a little bit about your face architecture too. And I believe, we should know ourselves better  and what suits us best. So, as you can tell it is going to be a work in progress.

However, the Marc Jacobs Instamarc Sculpting and Highlighting Duo Kit is a real trooper. I would highly recommend it if you are an average makeup wearer like myself who wants to get subtly chiseled and sculpted every once in a while without the fuss.

Are you into sculpting and highlighting?

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