Friday, 14 August 2015

Too Faced Love Flush Blush in Love Hangover: Peachy Pink Blush On Fleek

Where do I begin? I am having a moment with blushes and eyeshadow palettes lately. You will see more of them in my future posts. However, I still have that little bit of self control left to chain me down from buying them excessively all at once. Sometimes, it's nice to spend a little more time with a product. Too many of them overwhelm me most of the time. At the moment, I have been over the moon with the lovely offering from Too Faced, the Love Flush blush. I just knew that I NEED one or two in my collection when I first laid eyes on it. When I saw the peachy pink number called Love Hangover, I knew it was the one.

Looking at them all send me shivers down to my spine. The heart-shaped exterior and the Alice in Wonderland-ish themed imprint on the powder can just bring out that inner child squeal in you. Nope, we are not too old for that.  

As you can see, Love Hangover just hit the right spot of peachy pink for my skin tone. Sometimes, peach blushes can turn orangey or brown on me, while some pull too bright. This just gives that tinge and manages to balance the peach and the pink really well while emitting enough brightness to the cheeks. I love how it can be blended and sheered out or built up easily while giving enough colour to the cheeks. 

I like to use my Real Techniques Stippling Brush to apply my blush because I find that it is the most foolproof and hard to mess up with. I started from the back towards the apple of my cheeks in a stipple motion. The blush does not have any noticeable shimmer but is not completely matte. It does not emphasize pores either.

I could not comment on longevity but from the limited hours that I was wearing it, I can say that it cannot last 16 hour as it is marketed to be. Layering the skin with a long wearing primer may help with the longevity but I have to say it wore beautifully on the cheeks. I noticed just a little fading after 5 hours of wear but it does not splotch in places. The fading is just gradual and uniform overall. My cheeks are still looking fab. 

Here's a mugshot of me getting caught red handed of loving this blush a little too much. Is it a crime to love something so much? 

What shade(s) are you thinking of picking up?

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