Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Guerlain Rose Aux Joues Tender Blush in Peach Party

Horror of the day, I accidentally deleted my entire previous post and I am here again rewriting it. Let's see if I can actually remember what I wrote.  Anyway, breathe in and breathe out, Fatimah. You can do this!! Phew!! Anyway, thank you to my follower Harry (can I call you Harry?) who mentioned in the comment that I have incorrectly spelt the title of this post. Well, you know who you are. Ok, let's begin.

Guerlain's newest releases had me weak on the knees. Alongside Guerlain Bloom Of Rose Collection for Fall 2015, Guerlain has released their reformulated blushes called the Guerlain Rose Aux Joues Tender Blush which will be permanent and replacing the blush duos Guerlain had before. For now, there are 6 shades released to complement every skin tones. My love for Guerlain bloomed and started with  their Parure Powder Foundation, then the Guerlain Rouge Gs and then the Meteorites Compact. I was not really taken when Guerlain came up with their blush duo palette, however, the new reformulated version has captured my attention. At first swatch, I can feel that the powder is so soft and so finely milled. And, let's not deny the the sleek and black case that houses the beautiful blush. The compact has a weighty feel about it and the product is secured with a magnetic closure. 

Appearance aside, it is what inside that counts right? Well, yes and no would be my answer. The blush I chose is in the shade Peach Party, which I would describe as a warm peach shade. It has a very fine micro shimmer throughout the product and disperses onto my cheeks evenly without emphasizing or make my pores look bigger. The pigment has a little translucency to it that it does not look cake or powdery no matter how many layers you applied. The blush is so easily blendable that you can actually apply this blush with your eyes closed. So, it is that perfect Monday morning blush when you still have sleep in your eyes, eh? 

If I have one complain about it, it would be the quality of the brush that comes with the compact. It sheds and it feels scratchy on the skin. That being said, it is still an OK brush to deposit the product onto the cheeks. It is just not that pleasurable to use, you know what I mean? You are probably better off using your own blush brush. I have seen Chanel and Dior brought up better brushes with their compacts, so, why can't Guerlain, right?

I have a few peachy shade blushes in my collection and luckily Guerlain Peach Party is different enough. When compared to Clinique Blush Pop in Peach Pop, Guerlain Peach Party is less intense and less coral. Benefit Coralista is paler in comparison to the two. 

On my cheeks, it is very true to colour as it is swatched on my hand. I love how delicate and soft it looks on my cheeks. It gives that lift to my cheeks and the sophisticated candlelit glow that makes me look healthy and happy. I could not comment much on longevity but I do know that throughout the 5 hours that I was wearing it, the blush does not blotch or disappear in places. It just wore evenly and beautifully without the pigment having a major disappearance from my cheek bones. Besides, this blush is not marketed to be a long wearing blush. However, I think it is important to note that it could be a different story if you have oily skin. I would suggest trying it out first in store and see how it fares. On my normal/combination skin, it performs just like I wanted it to.

A word of caution, this blush is highly fragranced, so you may want to avoid if you are sensitive to certain scents. I find the scent uplifting and it has that signature Guerlain scent that you may be familiar with if you are well acquainted with Guerlain makeup. 

The blush costs RM 178 at Sephora and while it is expensive, the whole experience of using this blush  is justified. You see, I don't always seek for intense pigment when I buy a blush. It is very personal even for everyone else out there. I look at the whole thing; colour, finish, quality and I will make sure that I love almost everything about it. And, the Guerlain Rose Aux Joues Tender Blush in Peach Party is LOVE!!

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