Friday, 18 September 2015

Laura Mercier Artist Eye Palette 2015: Review, Swatches and Three FOTDs

As we are nearing the holiday seasons, every makeup brands are coming out with palettes. Eyeshadow palettes, blush palette, highlighter palette, contour palette, cream blush palette, you name it.  And I don't know what it is, I have just been sucked into eyeshadows lately. There are just so many eyeshadow palettes that makes my heart flutters with excitement and curiosity. I may have gone too far that I think I really need to simmer down a little and enjoy what I have right now and stop buying more eyeshadow palettes. 

The Laura Mercier Artist Eye Palette is an exception. I have been lusting after it since my grad student years in Holland and every single time I spotted it at the store it is already sold out. So, when I saw this launching here in Malaysia, I jumped out of my seat and grab it instantly. After years of anticipation, I am so happy with how this palette has served and performed. 

L-R: Sparkling Dew, Guava, African Violet, Plum Smoke, Kir Royale and Violet Ink (swatched w/out a primer)
There are a total 12 eyeshadows in this palette. Laura categorized them into three finishes; Matte, Lustre and Sateen. Across the board, the textures are smooth and buttery that they transfer so well on fingers and brushes. 

The Lustre has more shimmer content to them compared to the Sateen finishes and they are two in this palette namely African Violet and Bamboo. The shimmery eyeshadows in this palette are neither metallic nor chunky with intense glitters. The shimmers are ultra fine and multi chromatic that you can only see them up close in real life. My camera can't even capture it but on the eyes they are stunning. I don't find them to have a lot of fall out, although I did notice that the shade African Violet is a little too loose in texture that if you are not careful at applying, you may end up with eyeshadow flecks on your cheeks. I find that dabbing the product onto the lid with a shader brush solved the problem. The Sateen includes the shades Guava, Kir Royal, Primrose and Sparkling Dew. They have a little bit of luminousity to them and still great and still acceptable  to wear them on the crease area. 

The palette has the most matte shades; Espresso Bean, Fresco, Plum Smoke, Truffle, Vanilla Nuts, and Violet Ink. The mattes applied (with brush on my eyes) and swatched (with fingers on my skin) so smoothly and evenly too with exceptions of Violet Ink and Espresso Bean. They apply just a little bit patchy but it was nothing too problematic (trust me, I have seen worse). I am just being too critical here. They are neither powdery nor chalky at all.  Across the board, the pigments of all the shades also transfer and translate similarly as they appear in the pans. Now, that is superb quality, people. 

L-R: Vanilla Nuts, Primrose, Fresco, Bamboo, Truffle and Espresso Bean (All swatched without a primer)
As you may be able to tell, this palette captures the spectrum of browns and violets. That is what I love about this palette. There is also a good balance of light and dark shades that you can create just a simple daytime eye look and and an intense more smoky look. 

Let's do a breakdown of all the shades, shall we? I am not really good at describing colours but I will try (wink).

Top Row;

Sparkling Dew: A pinkened beige with a subtle gold micro shimmers
Guava: A spale pink with a subtle gold micro shimmers
African Violet: A complex duochromatic peachy golden violet
Plum Smoke: A matte taupe
Kir Royale: A burgundy wine with fine gold micro shimmers
Violet Ink: A blackened plum shade

Bottom Row;

Vanilla Nuts: A matte sand beige
Primrose:A soft peach (this has the least amount of shimmer)
Fresco: A beautiful matte rosy brown shade
Bamboo: A cool tone duochromatic bronze (kinda like M.A.C Patina)
Truffle: A matte warm brown shade
Espresso Bean: A deep matte dark brown

I have also created three looks using this palette but I am sure you can create diverse looks with it given the spectrum of shades in this palette. The first two looks are rather smoky while the third is the classic matte eye look paired with a winged liner and bold lips.

First look: African Violet all over the lid,  Plum Smoke on the crease, Kir Royale on the outer V and lower lashlines, Guava as highlight on the inner corner and Vanilla Nuts as a base colour.

Second look: Bamboo all over the mobile lid, Fresco on the crease, Truffle on the outer V and lower lash lines and Espresso Bean as a liner on the top lash lines.

Third Look: Vanilla Nuts all over the lid and Fresco on the crease and lower lash lines. Inner corner highlight is Chanel Stylo Yeux in Or Rose.

Conclusion: Throughout the course of reviewing this palette, I cannot say enough good things about it. They wear wonderfully throughout without breaking, separating, disappearing or creasing on my eyes. Yes I do wear a primer underneath  because that is just how I would wear my eyeshadows. The matte shades are so easy to blend and all the shades are really easy to work with. I definitely think that this palette is worth its price tag (RM 219) and more. I would definitely recommend it to everyone just for how versatile it is. 

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