Monday, 16 November 2015

Lorac Pro Palette: As Versatile As It Gets and Beyond feat. 4 Makeup Looks

Today let's talk about the elusive Lorac Pro Palette. It has been around since forever ago and is still around billing raves from all over the beauty world to this day. And, for good reason because it is such a classic and in my opinion a must have for everyone who wears makeup no matter beginners or pros and whether you hardly ever wear makeup or wear makeup on an everyday basis. Unfortunately, it is not as easy to get your hands on it if you live outside of the United States. To be honest I have never seen such a wonderfully coordinated neutrals in a palette. At first glance, it may remind you of the original Naked Palette but the Lorac Pro definitely wins because it has more matte shades. 

In this post, I am just going to rave about this palette and show you its potential with the four looks that I created. I will not bore you with swatches and shade breakdown because I am sure you can google them or you may have seen them in the past. All I can say is, the pigmentation on each of the shade is the best I have ever seen. They are just like what you see in the pan, a pleasure to blend, smooth and even in application and the matte shades are consistent across the board; neither powdery nor chalky.

The first look I created is very basic, everyday, girl-next-door kind of look. I applied the shade Gold on my mobile lid, Pewter on the outer half of the lid and Sable on the other V blended up to the crease and traced on the lower lash lines. I love how the shimmer shades on this palette packs just enough shimmer density to be worn during the day. They are not duochromatic or too dramatic. Definitely a safe palette to have.

The second look is a smidgen dramatic and smokey. I took the Garnet shade all over the mobile lid and Espresso on the outer V and the crease. With a blending brush, I took the shade Sable to tie the look. For finishing touches, Lt. Bronze is placed as an inner corner highlight and Gold is placed right on the centre of the eyelid for some dimension. I used my finger for a more natural and subtle placement of the two shades. This look can also be paired with a nude lipstick but I decided to be more tonal with the look by pairing it with a burnt terracotta lip shade. Warm on the eyes and warm on the lips.

From the previous look, I took a 180 and created a cool tone look. This palette definitely has a few shades that leans slightly cooler. So, for this look, I used Taupe as a base shade. And then, I added a hint of sparkle by applying Lt. Bronze on the inner half of the lid. For more definition, Espresso is placed on the outer V and to blend the shades I took Mauve with a crease brush to blend all of the shades together. Finally, I balanced the look by tracing my lower lash lines with the shade Garnet which adds warmth to a predominantly cool tone look. 

I could stop there but I can't sit tight until I used all of the shades in this palette especially the stunning deep blue shimmery shade called Slate. So of course this look is saturated with Slate all over the mobile lid making sure I left my inner corner and crease away form the blue. Then, I took the shade Sable to blend and dissipate the blue onto the crease. To further intensify the look, I took Black on the outer V and extended the shade to the outer half of the lower lash lines. The other half is traced with the shade Slate. This look is rather smudgy and smokey at the same time perfect for a dinner party or a night out.

I have certainly fallen hard for this palette. If you look at it, this palette has covered the neutral ground so well with browns, purple and blue. And speaking of purple, I will surely be doing a smokey purple look next tme. The possibility of looks that you can create with this palette is just endless and I am sure you can create more than just 4 looks with this palette. I hope this post will inspire you to stretch out the potential of any palette that you may own. I know I have been guilty for not using my palette to its full potential.

See you in the next post real soon!!

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