Friday, 6 November 2015

M.A.C D for Danger: The Perfect Cocktail of Berry and Plum

So what's new? A lipstick, that's what's new. There is a little back story to this. This was the first lipstick that I swatched when the M.A.C Matte Lipsticks collection launched a few months ago. Yes, not Velvet Teddy, not Whirl, it was this. Tried it on, did not get it, slept on it for months and could not stop thinking about it. Nothing haunts you like the things you didn't buy, eh? So, a few weeks ago, I went by M.A.C, hovered around the store and what do you know, the lipstick was right there speaking to me like we are old friends.

Naturally, I bought it because I just know we are going to get along just fine despite not being in each other's company for a while. And that was not far from the truth. The more we connected, the stronger  the bond. 

If you couldn't tell from the title, the lipstick has a good mix of two shades that I love; plum and berry. Sometimes, I found MAC Rebel to be too berry and purple but D for Danger harmonious play of colours makes it a stellar lipstick for fall. It is bold but it is still quite wearable for everyday with just a simple eye makeup. The matte texture of the lipstick is comfortable and it does not make my lips drier as I wear it throughout the day. It survived through drinks and a light meal with a minor fading. It lasted really well on my lips leaving behind a beautiful bitten berry stain after it wears off. And it wears without bleeding or settling into my lip lines. If you have dry and cracked lips, then, the matte texture may be an issue but a lip scrub and a lip balm could resolve the problem. 

Overall, I simply love this shade. I was literally living in it the past week. It hits just the right spot for me. Don't you think so too? 

You might want to check this shade out next time you are at the M.A.C store. 

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