Tuesday, 10 November 2015

My Dior State of Gold Holiday 2015 Picks: Diorific Mat Lipstick in Radieuse and Diorblush in Precious Peach

Every holiday season, I will always find myself behind a Chanel counter. However, this year, I was not at all drawn to Chanel's holiday drop but found myself attracted to Dior's offering. I knew that I was going to get maybe one or two of the matte lipsticks that the brand offers this year. I went to the Dior Boutique and tried the two shades that I have my eyes on; Radieuse and Fascinante. The Beauty Advisor suggested that Fascinante would look good on me but upon trying it on, Fascinante did not flatter me at all. I moved on to try Radieuse and it made it to the cash register and into my shopping bag. 

The story did not stop there. My eyes leered towards the two blushes; a peach and a spicy rose shade. Naturally, I asked the lady to try on the peach shade and I swear it was nothing like I have ever seen. The shade brightens my face and the fine shimmer particles gives an understated but sophisticated pearlized sheen on the skin. I was never so crazy over Dior blushes before but this one I am head over heels for. It is definitely something you have to try on your cheeks to see its potential.

Now let's get on to my musings of both products. As you can see from the picture above, I was wearing both of the products on my cheeks and on my lips. 

Diorific Mat in Radieuse looks deceivingly mauve rose in the bullet but on the lips it translates into a nude peach. It my look bright in the photo but it is more subdued in person. That is why , I think it can pass as a nude on me or people with medium skin tone. The lipstick has a powdery scent to it that reminds me of the Dior lipsticks that my late grandmother used to own back in the day in the blue hexagon packaging. The scent is quite strong where it still lingers post application, so you might want to avoid this lipstick if you are sensitive to strong scent. However, if you love the shade and the gold exterior but not bothered by the scent, I'd definitely think that this lipstick is worth having. 

Throughout the course of testing the lipstick, I am one satisfied customer. It applies evenly and feels weightless on my lips. However, the texture of the lipstick is not forgiving if you have, cracked, chapped or dry lips as it will aggravate the condition of your lips. So, to get the best out of the lipstick, it is advisable that  you prep your lips well and have them at the best condition.  The formula is not a flat matte like M.A.C's matte formulation but it is also not as creamy as say, Guerlain Rouge Gs. It sits somewhere in the middle that makes it have that slip where you can still comfortably purse your lips due to its silicone content. The Diorific Mat formulation is within the league of its own when compared to Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet. Chanel RAV has a more solid formulation whereas Dior feels slightly more loose in texture probably due to a higher silicone content. I hope you get what I am trying to convey but between the two, I still prefer Chanel's formulation over Dior. The wear time of the Diorific Mat in Radieuse is is around 4-5 hours on me leaving behind a faint peachy stain when it fades. Overall, I still think that the lipsticks are one of the star items of the collection. 

Onto the blush which I chose in the complementing stunning peach shade that is appropriately named "Precious Peach". There is also another stunning spicy rose shade in "Rose Sublime" that will flatter people with darker skin tones but honestly, it'd suit everyone and I would want to wear that blush too. It's just that the shade will look more beautiful on darker skinned ladies. The shade makes me have a healthy flush to my skin. It is a warm shade that lifts my face up and makes me look happy. It is housed in Dior's signature dark blue case complete with a mini tapered blush brush. The brush picks up just enough product for one cheek. The blush has a buildable pigmentation that makes layering the color so effortless. On top of that, the powder is so finely milled, smooth and super blend able on the skin. Trust me, you will not end up with patches of uneven blush spots on your cheeks. And the micro shimmers takes the blush to another level. It is so beautiful without being too much or emphasizing any imperfections that you may have. The wear time is also impressive without disappearing in patches and it certainly wears evenly throughout. I get about 8 hours of wear before I see the colour loses its intensity. 

I am really happy with my choice from the Dior State of Gold collection. They are definitely something that I would wear ever so often. I believe the collection is already out at Dior Counters across Malaysia.

What items do you have your eyes on from the Dior State of Gold Colllection?

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