Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The Exfoliation Trifecta

If there is one secret that everybody should have for achieving great skin, it is exfoliating. That is, if it is even a secret and we live in an era where nothing is a secret. Truth be told, I started exfoliating my skin with chemical exfoliants 3 years ago and I never looked back. There are so many I have tried over the years and have reviewed on the blog before. Nothing wrong with them but I just like trying new things every once in a while. One thing remains the same; they are all glycolic based products. They have kept my skin the best that it has ever been. As of now, these exfoliation trifecta is maintaining that luminosity that I craved. I have noticed that my skin has that glow and my acne scarring heals quicker. 

1. Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner: The name is pretty self-explanatory. After cleansing, I never ever missed a toning step to get rid of the impurities that the water may left behind and to prep my skin to absorb everything after more receptively. And the fact that it has Glycolic Acid as one of the ingredients means that it gets rid of my dead skin all at the same time. With dead skin out of the way, clogged pores is pretty much a distant memory to me. I also love the fact that this toner is alcohol free and gentle on my skin. In the hot and humid environment of Malaysia, my skin can get away with using it twice a day. I am already on my second bottle and I purchased mine from here.

2. Olay Regenerist Night Resurfacing Essence (Watson's and Guardian RM 100): Surprise, surprise yet another exfoliant and this time it is an essence. Olay reveals that this product contains 8-10% of Glycolic Acid. I used this every night when I don't use Alpha-H Liquid Gold (more on that in the next point). After toning, I layered this on, wait for it to work its magic and then follow through with my usual routine of serum, facial oil and then a night cream. This essence works so great on my skin. I woke up the next day with brighter and firmer skin that is smooth as a baby's bottom. I wish I can say you can get this easily from the drugstore but I am afraid Olay is phasing this product out of the market. I found it a few months ago at Watson's not knowing that I won't be able to find it ever again. I am gutted because this is by far the best acid based exfoliant that I have ever tried from the drugstore and from a brand that I truly trust. So, all I am saying is, if you can still find this lurking on the drugstore rack, trust me that you should just get it because that will be the best investment you will ever do for your skin. If there are three, get all three!!! When this runs out, I will be on the hunt for a comparable product to replace it. I am thinking REN Wake Wonderful Night Time Facial. I could also look for something similar from Paula's Choice.

3. Alpha-H Liquid Gold: This is a given. It is no stranger if you love skincare like I do. It is on everyone's must have and holy grail product for good reasons. It is probably the most potent at home glycolic treatment that you can probably get your hands on. I swear by this many times on my blog before and if you are a long time reader of mine, you would know that. This practically the ultimate lazy's girl facial that does not compromise with result. With just a swipe of soaked cotton pads, you will wake up the next day with a new skin, I kid you not. I find that my skin looks more refined, firmer and luminous the next day. It does speed up the healing of my acne scarring and hyperpigmentation too which is always a bonus as I scar so easily. I cannot be without it, and that is why I always supersize my order whenever I get it from Luxola.

I feel like with chemical exfoliation, you just have to let your skin be the judge. Try a sample or a starter kit first and see how well your skin can take it. For the benefits that it gives the skin, it is really worth trying. From my own experience, my skin gets used to glycolic acid the more I use it. Unless, if you have sensitive skin, it is best to start with the most gentle there is. 

What product(s) is/are in your exfoliation regimen?

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