Thursday, 17 December 2015

A Blush Palette For All

This time around, several blush palettes have really caught my eyes. They had my eyes rolling. My heart says let's have them all but luckily my wallet can't keep up with what my heart says. I know that they are such a great value for money but I think each of them suits a different type of girl. So, if you had to choose one but you don't know which one to choose, this post may help you to get to a good decision making.
The Makeup Start Up Girl: I think the Tarte Bling It On Amazonian Clay Blush Palette (RM 157 from Sephora)is the one for girls who are just starting to build up their makeup collection and for girls who want a little bit of everything. The shade variation is quite extensive and the shades are also on the safe side of the spectrum that you can get a lot of wear out of all 5 of them. All the looks you can think of, this palette will compliment it every single time. The 4 shades in this palette are new besides Dollface which is in the permanent line. 

The Edgy Girl: If you are daring, rock chic and edgy kinda gal, then this NARS Despair Cheek Palette (RM 265 from NARS boutique) is the one for you mostly because of the design of the packaging. The shades lineup is so unique and modern compared to NARS's previous blush palette releases. The colours vary from a simple beige highlighting shade, a coral reddish pink, a peachy tangerine to a violet plum. That is what makes this palette stands out from the rest because the shades reflect the wilder side of you. It is brave and daring. The pigmentation of each of the shade is just in the middle ground of being too blah and too intensely pigmented that you can slowly build up the colour. 

The Minimalist and The Express Girl: This is a multi functional palette from the Stila Sending My Love Gift Set (RM 170 from Sephora). This is great because you don't have to think about what blush, bronzer or highlighter to wear because you will only get one shade of each. If you are that kinda girl who just like to slap and go then this is made for you. Unlike the two I mentioned beforehand that require deliberation and serious decision making,you don't have to rack your brain with this one in order to use it. Trust me, I know the struggle. I love every single shade in this palette too. The bronzer hits the right spot without being too warm or too cool, the blush is just on the rosy side of pink unlike what you see from the pan and the highlighter is bomb dot com, trust me. I think this one from Stila is better that the Bare Minerals Royal Court Face Colours Palette.

The "Glow All Out or Go Home" Girl: Now this is for you who likes to glow and shine like the beacon of the bay (insert Elton John singing The Way You Look Tonight). The Becca Afterglow Palette (RM 185 from Luxola) is the one for you if you are into strobing. This palette allows you to try every bestselling Becca Highlighters as it consists of Moonstone, Topaz and Rose Gold and Becca best selling Mineral Blushes in Nude Honey and Flowerchild. This is also great if you are just starting to grow your highlighter collection too and have that high affinity towards highlighters in general. 

Obviously, I do not need them all but I simply can't choose one. I guess I am a little bit of everything. Now, you know who won't be shopping for blushes anymore. 

So, which girl or guy are you?

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