Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Essence Cosmetics Double Duty Sharpener

Let's talk about the most underrated beauty tool ever, the sharpener and why you shouldn't spend a whopping RM 20 for one. Yes, even in 2015, a sharpener is still a relevant tool to have in your makeup bag. There was one event when I forgot my sharpener that caused me to use a blunt eyebrow pencil until it reached the woody jagged end. I know, ouch!! I was at Sephora when I found one but at RM 20, I thought it was a rip-off. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so there I was at the drugstore looking high and low for a sharpener.

You see, I have already owned an Essence Double Ended Sharpener (the one in black in the picture) from my years in Holland and I remembered that it costs me a euro. So, I kinda know where to look for one. It was perfect for my regular and my jumbo pencils. The design of the sharpener is also perfect in a way that if you are lazy to throw the pencil dust and ribbons away, the sharpener accumulates them at the top. 

I was really lucky to find one lurking at the back of the Essence display at the Watsons that I went. So, off I went to the cash till to pay only RM 7.90 for it. It was a different design and colour (the one in green in the photo) than the one that I owned before. Both of them are double duty sharpener that manage to sharpen my jumbo NARS Satin Lip Pencil too. 

So now, you don't have the need to splurge on a high end double duty sharpener because Essence got it sorted out!! I rest my case.

Do you use sharpener for your cosmetic purposes?

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