Tuesday, 1 December 2015

My Favourite Hydrating Lip Treatments

Or lip balms to put it easily. I have too many of them to speak of but the four you see above are the ones that made it into my top list. They are not one of those lip balm that you have to slather every single time or the ones that leave your lips crying for more hydration when it dries out. These are the real thing that leaves your lips feeling hydrated for hours on and on even when they are no longer on the lips.

You may be curious as to why I have 4. Well, let's just say 2 of the above live in my skincare drawer, each for a day and a night treatment, one lives in my makeup bag for prepping the lips before makeup if I decide to wear makeup that day, and the other lives on my vanity for days when I want a little hint of colour on my lips. They all have one thing in common; they are not petroleum based lip balm. I found petroleum based lip balm does only so far to hydrate the lips and the effect is only temporary. It is safe to say that if I drink enough water that day, these lip balms will never make my lips dry or peel. 

  1. Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil: The first lip balm that I have ever loved and this is my third one. This is a great daytime lip balm for me. So hydrating, smells yummy like a pomegranate. It is such a pleasure to apply too. It kinda melts into oil upon contact on the lips but it does not feel greasy or oily like it was going to drip down your lips. The price point is great too, slightly more expensive but totally worth the money for the performance and the quality that you get. And did you know that it is also 100% natural? 
  2. L'occitane Rose Lip Balm: It was the scent that first got me to love this lip balm as I love anything that smells of roses. But, if you are a beauty blogger like myself, you would know that it would take more than just heavily scented things to make  me fall for a product. It needs to perform and this one does not fall short. It has 5% shea butter, applies clear on the lips and makes my lips ready to take on any lipsticks that I am about to put on my lips if I wanted to. It truly is hydrating and it smoothes away the lines on my lips too.
  3. By Terry Baume de Rose: Another rose scented lip balm, surprise, surprise!! Let me put it straight that I feel so guilty when I first purchased this lip balm mainly because of how much it costs. After using it on and off for almost  year now, I can't barely see the dent in the product. Not to mention, my toddler who loves dipping her grubby fingers into the pot imitating me putting on a lip balm onto her lips. It's bizarre, I know but it seems like one of those product that keeps on giving. It really is a treat and I know I am just talking about a lip balm. Uhh, but seriously though. You really just need a tiny bit to see the results the next day. You can still feel the moisture on the lips till the next day, that is how potent this is. I don't know if it is just me but I swear it makes my lips fuller and bouncier. Boink, boink!!
  4. Dior Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm: I know there are a number of products that do the same thing from the drugstore but they do not come close to Dior. I say this because I have tried them. This smells like mint chocolate but it does not sting or makes my lips feel like they are walking on a snowy day, not even one bit. I hate lip products that stings, especially those that contains menthol. To my knowledge, menthol will only do the opposite (drying your lips) and I am surprised to see that menthol is in a lot of lip balm products out there. As the name would suggest, this changes into a pink shade that adjusts according to your skin colour. I love how hydrating it is and I also how it leaves my lips stained with the colour that reminds me of my youth when it wears off. The effects last on the lips too and it makes it really worth the money that I paid. Perfect for the little minimalist in you if you are ever in need of a low maintenance lip product that treats your lips as you wear it.

So, those are the four holy grail lip treatments that I have loved and been using for so long. For now, I will jus stick to these because nothing else compares to them.

What are your favourite lip treats?

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