Friday, 4 December 2015

Stila Mind Palette Really Blows My Mind: Swatches, Review, and Everything Nice

Meet Stila Eyes Are the Window Mind palette!! Tis' the season to be rocking matte eyeshadow looks coz hey, I have been loving me some matte eyeshadows lately. And, dare I say, this one from, Stila gives my Urban Decay Naked Basics a run for its money. Keep on reading because you are in for a good treat. This palette generously consist of 12 matte shades. How many times can I say matte in this post? You do the counting.

If you have not swatched this in Sephora before, trust me, it is worth your time. Not only because all the shades are pigmented, the powder is not chalky or powdery at all. They all swatched so smoothly. The quality is consistent throughout; there is not one shade in here that is off . That is something I do not see from Urban Decay Naked Basics or the Too Faced Natural Matte palette as both of them do kick up a lot of powder, are not as pigmented and feel slightly chalky on the skin.

Daylight, L-R: Billiance, Instinct, Reason, Imagination, Observation, Thinker
I mean, look at the swatches. How can you not believe what I just said? It has a good variety of shades too with most warm tones and a few cool shades thrown into the mix.

Direct sunlight, L-R: Billiance, Instinct, Reason, Imagination, Observation, Thinker

The way this palette was designed makes it convenient to coordinate your looks too. You can go row by row to create looks with trios in each row. Or simply choose whatever colour you want, there isn't really a rule. Go smokey or go neutral, this palette has it sorted because there are plenty midtone shades perfect for defining the crease or as an all over shadow. They are also light shades that are perfect for highlighting and deep shades for smoking out and adding depth to your looks.
Daylight, L-R: Genius, Wit, Creativity, Understanding, Perception, Intellect
All the shades in here are really easy to work with. Superbly blendable and applies evenly on the eyelid too. The colours do not go all mushy with each other once blended in and stay on the lids for a very impressive amount of time with primer on me. I don't normally experience creasing or major fading with eyeshadow, so that is always good news.

Direct sunlight, L-R: Genius, Wit, Creativity, Understanding, Perception, Intellect

I also have not experienced any fall out with all of the shades either considering I have used some of them to smoke out my lower lash lines. I would say this palette is enough for you to do a variety of looks with just on its own. It is a versatile standalone palette. Unless if you like your shimmer eyeshadow then you can put little bit on, but that is it. You basically do not need a whole new palette to get this palette to work.

So, let's get on with Look 1. I used the shade Genius (a creamy beige) all over the eyelid, Wit (a peach) on the crease and Creativity (a dark brown) on the outer V to define the eyes. The result: Easy, understated, simple brown smokey eye.

Look 2 is for when you want to make a statement but you don't want to go all bold and too out there. What I did was I took the shade Perception, a lovely persimmon colour all over the eyelid and sheer it out for a diffused look. I think I may have taken another shade but I can't quite remember. Nonetheless, it is a beautiful look for when you want to look put together.

Now, for the sultry alter ego in you, I created this purple smokey eye with the trio Imagination (a pale pink), Observation (a taupe) and Thinker (a plum) on the lids, on the crease and on the outer V and lower lash lines respectively. This has to be my favourite out of all of them because it just makes my brown eyes pop.

For the final look I am smoking everything out with the shades Instinct (a slate grey shade) all over the eyelid , Reason (a dark navy blue) on the lower lash lines and the outer V and Intellect (a cranberry shade) up to the crease. I feel like the cranberry shade warms up the whole look and preventing it form looking too steely and cold. I love the combination of the colours together. I added a little bit of Becca Highlighter in Opal on my inner corners for some light.

Honestly speaking, I think this is best matte eyeshadow palette out there at the moment. You simply cannot beat the quality, the shades variability and the price. I think it reminds me a lot of the hyped Viseart Matte Palette, don't you think?

Stila Eyes Are the Window; Mind palette definitely slays all the matte palette!!

This palette retails for RM 173 and you can purchase it from Sephora.

Are you wish-listing this palette? 

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