Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Stylish and Modest Muslimah Attire

Today, we are talking fashion, something I have avoided for a while as I have been a little uninspired lately. To be honest, I am currently struggling to find my own fashion sense and style. You know what? I still have not found it. Are you in the same boat as I am? So, as you can tell, I am horrible at fashion nowadays. These days, nothing is ever limiting even if you are a hijab wearer, at least in my opinion. It was not easy but I love a little bit of a challenge. Nothing like an online window shopping can fix. There are just several options out there to get our creative juices flowing. After all, fashion trends often gets the attention of many Muslim women, especially women in hijab like myself. 

Where should we start? Since it is the festive season now for us in Malaysia, so many wedding and party invitations are coming. I am sure that you might need a pair or two of good basic outfits that can be worn for that special occasions. The most popular Muslimah attire of choice nowadays are illustrated below. They are easy to throw on, without a lot of fuss while still keeping our modesty in check. Definitely a one outfit wonder as you can look put together in no time at all.
So, who says a hijabi can't be stylish? Simply jazz up your outfit with accessories and a matching scarf and you are ready to take on whatever life brings you!!

There are so many designs and silhouettes that you can find to suit your frame and your personal style. My personal favourite has to be an A-line dress as it flatters my frame most beautifully. I also find that these types of ensembles mesh better with a pair of platform heels or a pair of strappy sandals. Check out online brands such as ZALIA, Najjah, ZAWARA and many more for trendy and modest attire to suit your style.

 Besides dresses, you can also jazz up your looks with a two piece outfit. For me, it would be a blouse / shirt with pants/jeans/skirts. I would say that this is more my style because I feel that they can go a long way by mixing and matching. The sky is really the limit and it always challenges me to be creative while making mountains of clothes everywhere in the room. I am sure you can relate.
They can also be dressed down to channel your inner shabby-boho chic. What better way to do that with a pair of denim harem pants and a maxi skirt. 

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