Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Tsubaki Head Spa is Everything It Says It Does For Your Scalp

This particular post is for those of you with hair on their head, which means everyone of us. Have you ever shampoo your hair thinking it will be clean only to find that two days later your hair ends up feeling gross again? No matter what shampoo I used, it ends up the same. Ohh, I hate that feeling. After, I shampoo and condition my hair, my scalp ends up feeling so itchy, and kinda oily and dry at the same time almost the day after. It baffles me to the point of annoyance. When I was searching for a shampoo at the drugstore, I was introduced by the Sales Assistant to the Tsubaki Head Spa. The name intrigued the blogger out of me (haha). I was thinking maybe this is just what I need for my problem. 

So, it's been two months since I had and used it and I can tell you this makes a big difference to how my scalp behaves. This is like a purifying concoction for your hair which you would use once a fortnight or once a week if you have oilier scalp. Not more than that because it can dry out your scalp. I use it before I shampoo my hair, targeting most of the product on my scalp while massaging it in. What it does is it gets rid of all the buildup that I have on my scalp whether it comes from a leave in hair products, UV exposure or just dead skin cells. Then, I followed it with my shampoo and conditioner/hair mask. When I don't use it, my scalp becomes problematic and as soon as I started using it again, all the problems get sorted out. That is usually a tell tale sign that the product is working. 

Right after using this, I can feel that my head feels lighter, my scalp is clean and I no longer have the itch to scratch on my scalp. My scalp just feel so fresh afterwards, probably from the Menthol in the ingredients which is why I suggest not to use this too often as Menthol can be drying. This is just one of those products that performs best when used in moderation. However, the Menthol is not too overpowering as it is not on the top list of ingredients and it definitely does not feel as minty as a dandruf targeted hair care. It contains several other nourishing ingredients too like Camelia Oil, Argan Oil and Arginine to nourish your hair and scalp while preventing itchiness and hair fall. I cannot vouch about the hair fall part (all due to the fact that I am having a postpartum hair loss, which is normal, so don't freak out coz the hair will grow back) but I can tell that it does help with itchiness and how my hair feels.

All I can say about the Tsubaki Head Spa is it really makes a tremendous difference to how my scalp behaves. And you know what, healthy hair begins with healthy scalp. I definitely recommend adding this product to your hair care regimen. The fact that you can get this as cheap as RM 17.90 from the drugstore is a plus in my book. It is definitely something you rarely find from the drugstore.

Would you go and purchase this?

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