Monday, 11 January 2016

The Beauty World, Social Media and the Economy: A Reflection

Dear Readers,

I thought of getting something off my chest. That is, the truth of the situation that everyone of us is facing and being fed with on an everyday basis. I know that most of my readers are youngsters, so, being older than the rest of you, I have a responsibility and due diligence as a blogger to inform you that life as it is now in Malaysia is hard. No matter how deep we are in denial, the fact remains; our beloved country is in recession. Breadwinners are getting laid off from jobs and qualified individuals are finding it harder to get hired for a job. 

The matter is not getting any better with social media feeding us with all the temptations to spend our hard earned money on something as superficial as makeup. There is nothing wrong with that except I feel like it is the wrong time to be doing so at least for someone like me. Since coming back home from the Netherlands, I have realized this more and more. I have found that, it is too much to be spending RM 500 on makeup alone. And although I can afford it, I just feel like the money could be put for better use on something far more substantial. I know that no makeup is worth the amount of money that I have spent in the past year. I know my spending was not exemplary, so that is why I want to address this as a reflection for myself. Writing it down on this virtual paper means that you can all learn something from this.

If I have an advice to give, it would be; save as much money as you can while you are still young and always be aware, selective and mindful of your spending. You can do so much with it in later life, like a downpayment for a house, better education for your kids, traveling or even who knows, a capital to start a business which will generate you even more money. We all have more to prove than just our ability to spend. Looking back, I know where I came from and I definitely did not come from money. Every single cent in my savings came from my mom's portion of her salary which in our later life has helped us to pay for a house. I have two kids now, so I have to be more sensible with my beauty shopping. I can spend, but I simply do not want to. So far, I have managed to resist that spending urge on so many LE makeup items. And if you have too, then let's give ourselves a big applause and a pat on the back. 

We are still young and we still have a long way to go in life and all that makeup will keep on coming no matter what. Down the line, they are still going to be there and how much can we keep up with all of it? Is it really worth our time? Well, yes and no. I am not trying to say no to everything but this year, I would put my money on something that will give the most good, i.e. good quality makeup brushes, tools, skincare, hair care and body care. All that makeup can wait because I have all I need right now, unless the need arises. I enjoy being surrounded with beautiful makeup but for now I am taking a few steps back to look at the bigger picture. 

This post is not about bashing anyone, it is simply a reflection for myself. I hope this post reaches you in good hands. 


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